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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2011-10-12

September 2009 - DAB added

Dan: A few changes elsewhere on the tower, notably the satellite dish (DAB feed?) is much higher up. Seems to be yet another layer of mobile phone panels added near the bottom. Whatever happened to the cable clips for the three end-fed antennas (Tetra?) at the very top?

Ofcom data shows Faversham having BBC1/2 fed from Bluebell Hill and there are, indeed, two separate rx logs. (In the existing pictures, the one on Dover is annotated in the final image. The rx from Bluebell Hill is the log facing the camera in the detailed shots of the tx logs.)

This split-feed arrangement will have to end before DSO in 2012.

The DAB transmit antenna comprises two dipoles on a cantilever at the very top. It turns out that this was not the planned installation for this site...

Here we can just about see the tv transmit array on the left, together with the two rx logs.

What happened to the cable clips for the end-fed antennas at the top of the structure?

The original planning application (December 2003) specified four dipoles, with the satellite dish at just 5m AGL. Also included were two 0.6m dishes to face Bluebell Hill and Charing at 30m and 35m respectively. It's not clear whether the SHF links were installed, but the satellite dish is much higher. The Charing link was to be on "leg A" which is the one on the left in this photo - and there's what looks like an empty mounting stub just above where the structure tapers.

A further application was made in March 2004 for temporary installation of two five-element DAB yagis. This was apparently to provide an interim service due to difficulty in completing the original (approved) work before the scheduled on-air date. All a bit mysterious really...

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