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Photos by Mark Carver Page last updated: 2012-06-29

Post DSO June 2012

Mark visited the site just a few days after DSO, some changes, but slow progress on the installation of a steel mast.

First change noticeable on the nearest pole are a pair of new Rx logs, looking at Dover.

Most significant change, a new pair of Rx logs, but still looking at Dover. Digital UK literature had stated the relay would move to Heathfield at DSO.

Also, a new anchorage strap at the top. The Tx logs are still the originals

The two logs feed into some sort of cylindrical combining unit ?

What's that at the bottom of the picture...?

Ah !

Tx logs. Old feeder in place, either pre DSO, or from the Band I days ?

The other two poles remain on site. The feeders for the old Band I relay remain in place, but it seems their days are finally numbered....

Seems the plan is to remove all three poles, and replace with a steel structure, overdue, as the photo of this notice was taken late June 2012

At least the plinth is in place

The two unused masts were condemned in Oct 2010

Presumably the electricity sub station dates from the Band I days in the 1960s ?

The town of Rye seen from the site. The intended service area is the low part of the town, below the foreground houses. As you can see from the Rx yagis on the buildings, Dover is the Tx of choice, though those windturbines might have caused problems for analogue reception ?

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