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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2015-07-07

February 2015 - now with DAB

According to Ofcom data, BBC National DAB was added in October 2014. According to the BBC, however, the site did not come into service until 30 June 2015

There was no apparent change to the TV relay, except perhaps renewal of the equipment enclosure at DSO

I'm not entirely happy with the photos - I had limited time and the sun was low, behind the site, so another visit will be made before too much longer!

An attempt to show the DAB addition in some sort of context - two dipoles on a new cantilever at the top of the structure

Oops. There are two DAB dipoles really!

Compared to the images from 2007 there are additional GSM panels at the top but those lower down have been removed, along with some SHF links. This probably reflects consolidation by the mobile phone operators and the move to 4G where fibre is used to interconnect sites

This arrangement is probably intended to reduce the signal to the east and south

Further down, still two logs receiving Dover and a single log for transmit

The enclosure on the left looks like the one for DAB

Note the red warning flag in the background - live firing at the MoD Range

The other "nearly new" enclosure may have been installed for DSO

The dish for the DAB feed is "shy"...from another angle I was able to see it has the conical cover which now seems to be standard fitment on ground-mounted dishes

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