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Photos by Rob Shufflebotham Page last updated: 2018-11-19

New Mast Complete - Photos September 2013

With DSO now complete and all services using the new mast I returned to take some up to date pictures. At the moment the old mast is still in place, but demolition is thought to be imminent. The light was very poor when I took these photographs, indeed it was nearly raining, and some of the images have seen some heavy processing to make them useable.

The two masts, as they stand now.

The old mast, as it now stands.

The new mast, in completed form.

(No sign of the two tier stand-by Band II aerials that featured in the planning documents and would have been situated between the two UHF apertures - Ed)

The new top antenna

The Digital Reserve

The shared FM and DAB aperture. You can just see the interleaved DAB antennas on the right hand side of the mast. They are there on the side facing us too, if you look very very closely!

These shrouded logs are located just below the FM/DAB antenna. I think these must be for Norwich local TV Service Mustard TV on Ch57, as they point directly North East towards the city.

Just below a set of mobile phone gear is located 2 log antennas pointing roughly South East, anyone know what these are for?

(The RBS on Wrotham is described as a double set of 6 element Yagis on 203 deg ETN - does look as though these are they - Ed)

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