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Photos by Paul Thompson & Sean Cooper Page last updated: 2018-11-19

Removal of old mast - February 2014

Removal of the old mast was originally scheduled for completion before the end of 2013 but there was a delay, possibly due to unfavourable weather. Now all services are coming from the new/DSO mast, DSO work continues at Tacolneston with the old/analogue mast being dismantled.....

First 4 pictures from Paul Thompson

There didn't appear to be anything going on when I visited, perhaps because it was too windy. However the work of dismantling the mast and lowering each section to the ground was clearly underway.

A view from the north side of the site with the new mast in the foreground.

The next 5 pictures are from Sean Cooper

The top of flying jib is roughly where the old Alan Dick spearhead antenna system was. Note all aerials and resting platforms have already been dismantled.

From a distance, you can see just how much of the old analogue mast has already been dismantled.

Work being carried out in readiness for this section of the old analogue mast to be dismantled.

On the left of the mast, at around 110m AGL, is the COMUX (local) TV antenna system. This is highly directional and transmits towards Norwich. (Being received fine in Lowestoft. Ed). The Norwich local TV channel, Mustard TV, will start broadcasting on March 24th, 2014 on Freeview Ch.8, although at the time these photos were taken COMUX was testing on Freeview Ch.791 - See below

Around 5 miles away, in Wymondham, the COMUX test card is being received on Freeview Ch.791 (762 MHz/UHF Ch.57).

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