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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2019-10-03

Just one mast - October 2019

5½ years on from the last set of pictures of Tacolneston and there is now just one mast and a small tower. The main 700 MHz band clearance event for Tacolneston was implemented in June 2018, but we were not expecting to see any changes to the UHF transmit aerials. This seems to be the case.

Here are some pictures taken on a sunny day in October 2019.

The main S1 UHF transmit aerial. Mean height 199m. This aerial appears to have five sides. Pentagonal cross-section.

Further round and the ladder comes into view.

Lower down is the S2 reserve UHF transmit aerial. Mean height 163m. Ofcom data indicates that this aerial is used to transmit multiplexes 7 & 8.

At a mean height of 131m are the interleaved FM and DAB radio aerials. The new mast, which is of triangular cross-section, has been orientated to match the orientation of the three sided band II FM panels, which is north, 120° & 240°. The old mast was of square cross-section, with the panels off-set from the mast faces. On this face (120°), the DAB dipoles are in the centre of the panels.

Further round, looking at the southwest (240°) face, the band III DAB dipoles are more obvious.

Close up, and you notice that the DAB dipoles are mounted in the centre of the southeast face (right), but on the corner of the southwest and north faces (left).

Curiously, Ofcom DAB Tx Parameters indicate maximum ERP directed to the northwest with a 20dB reduction in southeasterly directions. Maybe there was a change of plan after the installation was completed, with the southeast facing DAB dipoles not being energised.

The Norwich local TV shrouded log periodic transmit aerials. Ofcom data indicates that these are at 104m.

A bit of height diversity here for the two sets of band II RBS receive aerials pointing towards Wrotham. Wrotham is about 146 km (90 miles) from Tacolneston.

Close up of the upper set of RBS aerials which comprise two tiers of 6 element band II Yagis.

BBC coat of arms with 1956 date above the entrance. According to Wikipedia, QUAECUNQUE translates as Whatsoever, from Latin. Wikipedia on BBC Coat of Arms

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