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Photos by Gareth M. Page last updated: 2017-08-25

700 MHz Work - August 2017

The UHF transmit aerial on Sudbury B is being replaced for 700 MHz clearance. This is the main transmitting aerial for the 3 commercial multiplexes.

Gareth writes: I noticed whilst being driven to Sudbury on the 21st August that something was happening at the transmitter site - so we took a detour whilst in a real rush. I managed to get a couple of semi-decent pictures. We re-visited the next day, but after working hours when the light was failing, so I still couldn't get any great shots of what was going on (and I've not got a DSLR with a custom lens or anything!). I also took a photo of Sudbury A; more about that below.

The obvious things to note about Sudbury B are that it now has 12 tiers of uniformly-aligned transmit panels. On the August 2014 update page, the bottom panels which were slightly differently aligned had been removed, leaving only the top 8.

Also, the panels have now got a proper "top", for want of a better word; and then on top of that, presumably added lightning protection, similar to Sudbury A? Previously, Sudbury B only had a small vertical pole sticking up above the transmit array. [Ed]. The ring added to the top of Sudbury B is an abseiling frame.

Regarding Sudbury A: The original cylinder is still there at the top of course, but above the newer panels added during the DSO, it appears that the rotator dish and large SHF dish possibly pointed at Tacolneston (photographed and described on the 2010 and 2011 DSO and DAB update page) are gone.

Sudbury B. Took a while to Process what was going on, with the crane in "Half-down" mode, and a cradle still up at the top.

There was someone up in that cradle, working, but you can't really see them from this angle.
I don't know what the shadowy shape on the other side of the transmit panels is/was.

Here you can see that they've completed the ladder on one side, and it looks like they're beginning to fit another one.

On the 22nd, Sudbury B and A, in the order left to right as you look at the picture. Sudbury A is considerably taller, but if you drive around the site from a distance, it can go either way and be really deceptive. Work has obviously finished for the day; crane mostly dismantled and nobody around to talk to.

The reserve wrap around UHF transmit aerial on Sudbury A. A rotator dish and a large SHF dish pointed towards Tacolneston, that were just above, have been removed.

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