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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2011-07-18

July 2011

Without the benefit of the previous photos from James I suspect I wouldn't have located the tv relay. The ILR array is much more obvious.

Nothing really seems to have changed in the meantime, although the buildings are much darker. (I wonder if the previous photos had been tweaked a bit?)

The tv relay is invisible, but on the block nearest the camera (William Morris). The Band II antenna can just be seen on the building behind (Keynes).

Three of the four North Towers. The tv relay is on the left hand end of the left hand block. Band II antenna just visible on the right of the right hand block.

I don't know whether this dish is new for DSO, or completely unrelated. The transmit logs can be seen in profile to the left.

This photo didn't quite work. The rx log is hidden, near the bottom of the left hand pole (the feeder is visible running up the wall).

There doesn't seem to be anything on the middle pole and there's quite a bit of spare space above the two tx logs. Was there meant to be more than this, and things were scaled back?

Here is the rx log, seen from the other side.

Finally the two slant-polarised dipoles for ILR (for some residual value of "local")

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