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Photos by Bill Wright and Chris Burgin Page last updated: 2015-08-15

Whitby Business Park was built as a replacement for Whitby. Analogue TV transmissions commenced on 21st May 2007.

DSO was on 12th and 26th September 2012.

In this first photo of the new site, taken in April 2006 you can see that work on the new mast has yet to begin, but like the Whitby mast on the East Cliff, it will be a 45m high stayed mast as per the sketch below:

Whilst the site chosen by the public vote may have been considered to have the least environmental impact it was not the best site from an RF planning point-of-view and according to one initial report it leaves around 5000 homes with poor reception.

Of course, most people in the Whitby area now need to have their receiving aerials realigned.

The old site from the new...

Our first look at the new Whitby aerials.

Two sets of four toed-in logs will provide the RBL feed.

The DAB aerials have yet to be fitted.

For FM radio four logs and two vertical dipoles provide mixed polarisation signals.

This shot shows the old site from the new.

More telling, perhaps, is this shot of the new site from the town....

Now the new mast has been built itís easier to envisage the coverage it will provide. Much of the town will not have line-of-sight, whereas virtually everywhere has line-of-sight to the old mast.

Chris Burginís photo [below] has the new tower circled [ellipsed? - mb] in red. Itís obvious that the houses in the middle distance will be screened from the new site and will suffer ghosting from the buildings across the river (the foreground in the picture).

In fact, Iím sure there will be a nasty surprise for almost everyone living on the east bank when transmissions end from the old mast. It looks as if Henrietta Street and the new flats at Larpool will be affected especially badly.

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