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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2012-07-30

June 2012

DAB has been added since Mat's visit. Apart from this not much has changed

A very weathered and generally unloved CCI sign has been joined by this new-style Arqiva version...

...yes, it was or had been raining

The trees have grown, though not quite enough to hide the DAB additions...

DAB is transmitted from the two dipoles at the very top with maximum coverage just north of west. The TV arrangements appear unchanged - transmit on the left and receive on the right, however this was probably not the original configuration, see later

On the way down, the Band II tx antenna is this VP log periodic...

Close to the ground the dish for DAB programme feed.

The SHF link just above must be aimed somewhere east of north - but there isn't a lot out that way.

On the left the Band II receive log and two UHF logs aimed at Llanddona. With site code 118.02 this was originally a relay of Llanddona and, as for Conwy, it seems co-channel interference from DTT may have become an issue requiring the change to use Moel-y-Parc (but with a somewhat simpler solution)

The brick building was probably the original and the GPS cones suggest it is being used for the DAB equipment

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