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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2012-07-06

June 2012

Dan: " 'Find the FM tx antenna' it said. Finding the site was easy enough. There's no public access but the landowner agreed to a brief visit and suggested I take a moment to look at the view. He can't receive anything from the relay, apparently, and I think I understand why. 'Take the dog with you but beware of the sheep...' "

The relay is located on Pen y Bigil - which probably means something other than "big hill" - and is conveniently south of Deiniolen yet north of Llanberis. By using a back-to-back arrangement of panels both areas can be served from a single site

Initially this was as good as I could get. All the main features are visible (just): 2x2 panels for UHF, 2 x vertical dipoles for VHF, trough and VP log periodic for receive

Nearly there: let's get some detail now

Unusually the CCI sign has remained unaltered...

...the prevailing winds have pushed the new sign behind the bars on the gate

The panels are arranged north and south, however the Band II dipoles favour east and south

The dipoles appear to be mounted in front of a "skeleton" reflector

The Band II receive log is quite low on the tower

As elsewhere, the original building has been styled with local materials. Unfortunately the subsequent addition of various shades of grey and green boxes undermines the effort somewhat

I think this view was slightly west of north - the houses down below are probably not served from here

Looking south across to Llanberis and beyond

The dog was fascinated. I thought it best to keep away

Seen from a distance, perhaps the mixture of green and grey cabinets was a deliberate choice for the landscape?

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