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Photos by Ray Cooper Page last updated: 2016-07-20

Amlwch entered service in April 1981, with S4C from December 1982. DSO was on the 21st October and 18th November 2009.

The station id plate (seen through a chainlink fence, unfortunately)

The station shares a low hilltop with a local water supply covered reservoir.

The TX array is at the very top: four vertically-aligned vertical dipoles, stood off from a metal spine pole. This will give a cardioid response. Below that, other users. Then the RBL arrays - these seem very elaborate, two tiers of four broadside log-periodics aligned on Llanddona, as RBL. This sort of arrangement is usually indicative of an attempt to deal with tidal fading: doing a path profile shows that the RBL path does in fact lie across the middle of Red Wharf Bay, but any signal reflected off the sea will be cut off by an interposing hill. It may be more likely then that this arrangement is to deal with a more intractable foreground reflection nearer to the relay site.

The present steel support pole is a replacement.
The original was a 17m wooden pole: the cut-off stub remains inside the compound.

A general view of Amlwch from the site.

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