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Photos by Ray Cooper Page last updated: 2021-10-13
Caernarfon Gwynedd
NGR: SH486629 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height: 35m      Structure Height: 45m
Digital TV: BBC A: 24 D3&4: 27 BBC B: 21
BBC Radio:
Ind. National Radio:
Ind. Local Radio:
Digital Radio:
Comments: Caernarfon is a relay of Llanddona (via Arfon)

April 2006

Caernarfon - not an easy site to photograph. The tower, the structure of which is unusually white-painted, is in the ownership of the local Constabulary, and the tower is sited behind their headquarters. Access is in no way encouraged, and the area is surrounded by private housing which makes getting viewpoints difficult.

The coverage does not include the whole of the area of Caernarfon town. It appears to have been provided to address deficiencies in small well-defined low-lying parts of the town. Most of the area can get satisfactory reception from either Llanddona or Arfon.

[Ed] At the time that Ray took these pictures, the information available was that Caernarfon was a relay of Llanddona and he assumed that the two horizontally polarised UHF Yagis were the receive aerials. Caernarfon is actually a relay of Arfon and those horizontal Yagis are pointing to the northwest and are therefore not part of the TV relay. Llanddona is to the northeast. Of the two vertically polarised UHF log-peridoics, one is for transmit, the other for receive.

A little research in the areas covered by the two logs suggest there are a few people reliant on the relay in both areas, so despite the phase problems which must occur in between we must assume that both are active Tx aerials.

The two horizontal UHF Yagis. Not part of the TV relay.

On the left is the receive log-periodic pointing south towards Arfon. The other log-periodic, peering through the structure, is the transmit aerial pointing southwest.

William Street and Margaret Street - very low-lying properties in the bottom of the valley of the Cadnant brook, evidently had a whale of a time getting pictures before the relay arrived. Every house sports one or more VP aerials on the relay. In the distance, towers of a different kind - Caernarfon Castle.

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