UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2023-06-15

August 2022 & June 2023

The 700 MHz band clearance channel changes at Carmel were implemented on 17-Jul-2019.

All of the transmit aerial systems. From the top down. Main UHF, National DAB, All FM radio, Mid & West local DAB.

The main UHF transmit antenna.

The upper band III transmit array at 142m. Note that there are only panels on three of the four sides. They face 25/110/200 degrees. Ofcom data indicates that only the Digital One multiplex is transmitted from here.

Two tiers of Alan Dick & Co band II panels transmit all the FM radio services. They face 75/195/315 degrees.

Reserve UHF transmit. The panels are embossed RFS

The lower band III transmit array at 119m. Ofcom data indicates that the BBC, Swansea. Mid & West Wales DAB multiplexes are transmitted from here. The four dipoles on the right are facing roughly east-southeast. The two 5 element Yagis on the left are pointing west-northwest.

Band II log periodics receive the BBC FM radio signals from Wenvoe.

On the left is a UHF trough receive on Presely. This was the analogue TV programme source. The UHF log periodics are probably receiving Kilvey Hill..

Mast base

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Kilvey Hill | Presely | Wenvoe

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