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Photos by MFVCS, Adam O'Meara, Martin Watkins and Gareth Webb Page last updated: 2016-03-21

Belmont entered service with 405-line ITV, VHF channel 7, on 20th December 1965. 405-line BBC 1, on VHF channel 13, was added on 19th November 1966. Both 405-line services closed on 5th April 1982.

UHF TV commenced with BBC 2 on 19th November 1966, BBC 1 from 15th February 1971, and ITV from 24th May 1971. Channel 4 was available from the launch on 2nd November 1982 as was Channel 5 from its launch on 30th March 1997. DSO was on 3rd and 17th August 2011.

Mux 7 and the Grimsby local mux were added on 26th November 2013. Mux 8 from 28th April 2015.

BBC national FM radio entered service on 19th November 1966. Conversion to stereo was during 1973. Re-engineered to mixed polarisation in April 1987. Radio 1 added on 27th July 1990.

Radio Lincolnshire launched on 11th November 1980. ILR Lincolnshire (Lincs FM) launched on 1st March 1992. Classic FM added on 20th September 1993.

DAB service dates: BBC, 13th November 1997; Digital One, 19th October 1999; Yorkshire, 9th July 2003 (closed 30th June 2015); Lincolnshire, 1st October 2015; Sound Digital, 29th February 2016.

Taken by Martin Watkins in 1984. At that time the dark brown (rather shabby) fibreglass sheath was still in place around the Band III aperture, which was immediately below the white UHF cylinder, taking up the whole of the space between two sets of stays. The IBA had the top half of this aperture, the BBC the bottom.

Taken by Martin Watkins in 1984. Just visible are the Band II horizontal polarised aerials (mounted directly on the mast itself); they are the six tiny marks you can just see on the left below the bottom of the Band III sheath. There were two sets of six tiers each, mounted on the NE and SE sides. The idea was to restrict somewhat the Band II coverage to the eastern half of Belmont's otherwise enormous service area.

Taken by Martin Watkins in 1988; the camera had been updated by then! The shabby brown sheath had gone, as had the Band III aerials. In their place was the new BBC mixed polarisation Band II stack. Still in place (and much easier to see) are the horizontal Band II aerials, and from this angle both sets of tiers are visible. These were removed a few months after this photo was taken.

Taken by Martin Watkins in 1988, with more detail on the new BBC Band II aerials.

Photo above and below from Gareth Webb. Summer 2005

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The UHF aerial at Belmont

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