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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2017-02-19

February 2017

Located at St Magdalene's Hill, the Perth relay retains many "period features".

Troughs facing Craigkelly once received BBC1/2 but at DSO Perth became a relay of Angus for the three PSB multiplexes.

The panels for Channel 5 analogue are still in place, as are two large satellite dishes which provided the feed.

On Band II the 1980 arrangement of horizontal loops and vertical dipoles remains in use.

Despite what the sign says (or doesn't say) there are site sharers.

On the right the satellite dishes were for the Channel 5 analogue feed. On the left...

...a slant-polarised yagi apparently facing Angus and an old type of GPS antenna. There are no DAB services here, this was probably for precision frequency control of the TV or FM transmitters.

The site is in woodland but a circular path means it's possible to view the tower from different perspectives...

The cylinder enclosing the TV antenna array is apparently unchanged except for a splash of grey where the tower has been painted. Below, but not visible, the Band II antenna...

...that's better. These combinations of loops and dipoles were common in the early days of ILR but at most sites have since been replaced.

Ofcom parameters suggest an 8 dB reduction to the south is required - this has been achieved due to the effect of the support structure in both planes. The ERP is given as 0.5 kW horizontal and 0.3 kW vertical.

Light not so good this time but we can see all the broadcast antennas together. The Channel 5 array is still in place. Troughs face Angus (right/upper) and Craigkelly (left/lower, now disued). To a good approximation the two main stations are 90 degrees apart from Perth so the orientation of the tower has almost certainly been specified with the faces aligned towards the two parents.

Looking towards the service area. Perth is a fairly compact city with higher ground beyond the Tay and the Cairngorms further north.

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