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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2014-02-16

Post DSO - February 2014

The main change since the pictures from April 2008 is the addition of a reserve UHF wrap around aerial.

Top - Main UHF aerial
Middle - UHF reserve
Lower - Digital One DAB

Pre DSO muxes C & D panels, still in place. South-west side.

The UHF reserve and Digital One DAB aerials. Note the top level of the UHF reserve aerial is tilted upwards. This is for null filling. The top level is tilted upwards so its phase can be advanced to bring the beam back down below the horizon and get some impedance compensation as well as the extra null fill.

Details supplied by Dave Thickett.

Left, I assume is the BBC DAB aerials. OFCOM Tx parameters gives no details, but these aerials are only on the west side of the mast.

Right, Spirit FM slant polarised band II yagi, missing half the front element

UHF troughs receiving Rowridge.

Spirit FM band II yagi

Another UHF trough. This one receives Crystal Palace.

Satellite dishes behind bars.

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