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Photos by Roger Piper and Gill Taylor Page last updated: 2011-07-26

Hannington DSO 3 - 19th & 20th October 2010; the heli-lifts

Roger Piper also visited the site on the 19th Oct 2010 and we can see that the top half of the old aerial system is about to be lifted off.

From right to left: the adaptor unit which sits on top of the mast and forms the mounting for the aerial system, the upper half of the new aerial and the lower half.

But they have to get rid of the old cylinder first!

Time to call it a day.

The following morning, 20-Oct-2010...

...a shot by Mark Carver's wife (tx photography can be a family effort) taken early the next day, Oct 20th.

...and before too long, off comes the rest of the old aerial.

Pic: Gill Taylor

Pic: Gill Taylor

Pic: Gill Taylor

Pic: Gill Taylor

Pic: Gill Taylor

.....then in goes the adaptor (pic: Gill Taylor)

Pic: Gill Taylor

Pic: Gill Taylor

The adaptor unit has now been hoisted into place...

And a big round of applause for all concerned! Well done, chaps!

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