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Photos by Mervyn Mugford Page last updated: 2012-08-07

DSO Changes - November 2011, updated August 2012

After my foray to Charlock Hill and continuing my journey I stopped at Sutton Row to look for evidence of DSO work. I stopped to check if the things the planning application for DSO said would happen had but it seems they hadn't.

Mervyn returned in August 2012 to see if the work had been completed - see last two photos. Along the way he notes: "By the way, if you are heading towards Sutton Row along the A30 from the Salisbury direction, look out for the Fovant badges on the hillside to your left. British and Australian military badges have been etched into the hillside by removing the topsoil so the chalk shows through."

A pair of vertical logs has been added just above the four horizontal logs

Sutton Row is on the edge of a small wood, hence the encroaching branches

The notice says there will be a satellite dish and new cabinets in addition to the new logs but I didn't see any so presumably not arrived yet

Editors note: the application also specifies removal of the four existing (Rowridge) logs and the single (Hannington) log after DSO.

August 2012: Spot the difference

You're right there isn't any since my last visit, the horizontal logs have not been removed, no telemetry satellite dish has appeared and the single Hannington log is still there, (further down the mast, out of shot)

The green cabin on the left is different if you compare it with the original photos and the one on the right might be new or it might just have more labels on it

Editor's note: the planning application includes "DSO cabin to replace existing". The left-hand enclosure is typical of those installed for DSO

The one on the right is a mystery - it's the same pattern as used at lots of relays but presumably is for something else?

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Fovant Badges

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