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Photos by Neil White Page last updated: 2013-12-15

Photos taken 9 September 2013

Very little has changed at this site since the previous photographer visited. The only noticeable alteration is the installation of the usual telemetry satellite dish for DSO.

Locating the site was difficult; we approached down the access road to the farm to be greeted by the farmer who was incredibly helpful with knowledge, history and the best way to approach the site. He was quite happy for me to take photos of the site.

After a lot of deliberation we have come to the conclusion that mb21 (and indeed most TX documentation) spells this site in an "anglicised" manner. Apparently the Welsh spelling should be Llangrannog. It would be interesting if any of our Welsh speaking experts could confirm this....

General view

Telemetry dish and rx log.

Telemetry dish and rx log.

The remains of the old tower. The farmer said that these sections where simply abandoned after the new mast was constructed.

Possibly a feeder to the old tower, which as Bill has pointed out seemed to form part of an old wired system for the village before the relay was constructed...?

A view from the very pleasant village of Llangrannog. The transmitter is just visible above the trees in the distance.

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