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Photos by Mike Smith and David Baker Page last updated: 2014-10-15

For a structure of only 45m height it is unusual to find a stayed mast, rather than the normal square sided tower. Rheola entered service on 22nd December 1978, with S4C available from the launch on 1st November 1982. DSO was on 19th August and 16th September 2009.

BBC FM radio was added on 23rd February 1993.

The Rheola transmitter serves Resolven, Glyn-Neath and Cwmgwrach with TV and FM Radio.

The UHF log peridics nearest the top of the mast receive from Presely, and the vertically polarised FM receiving aerials point towards Kilvey Hill. The trough panel below the UHF receive aerials points in the direction of Carmel - a backup feed maybe???

The view of Glyn-Neath from the site - this relay has quite a wide coverage due to the site's altitude!

Finally, a spectacular view from the tower itself...

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