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Photos by Ray Cooper Page last updated: 2016-08-21

The site was formerly used for Band I TV in the bad old days, as well as FM radio. From 20th June 1965.

It has now grown into rather a complicated little setup, The buildings (now four in number, in rendered brick, plus a steel container-style building and the concrete footings of what looks like its permanent replacement).

There is a well-laden triangular section mast within the station enclosure for UHF TV and lots of other users, plus a wooden pole for Band II, and another wooden pole outside the enclosure at a little distance, for the Band II receive aerials. UHF TV from 14th October 1977.

It is situated just below the top of a flattish-topped hill - the hill hides the station buildings from the south, and from the north they are screened by trees. This IS inside a National Park, after all.

The isolated pole for the Band II receive aerials:
in the distance, the town of Machynlleth (once the capital of Wales)

the Band II receive pole.
There appear to be extra fastenings here, four fastenings for two aerials:
the extras were for the former Band I TV receive aerials.
(It looks as if the Band II aerials have been raised one level at some time).

The (broadcast) business end of the main mast.
At the top, two tiers of panels, oriented roughly on east (to feed Machynlleth) and south-west,
to illuminate the southern side of the Dovey/Dyfi estuary that is shielded from Blaen Plwyf.

The Band II pole also has this odd vertically-polarised dipole below the Band II gear
- doesn't seem to be Band II frequency, too short.
Those two UHF yagis are pointing in the same direction as Blaen Plwyf, and all these oddball aerials
SEEM to have their feeders running into the container building adjacent.
Don't think the yagis are anything to do with broadcast TV, but may be wrong here.

The view from the site towards the south-west.

Machynlleth index

BBC RD: Transmitting Aerials for the Machynlleth VHF Television & VHF Sound Station (1965)

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