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Photos by Richard W Jones Page last updated: 2017-11-16

Earlier pictures

For analogue TV, Long Mountain was a relay of Blaenplwyf via Llangurig. Originally a BBC landlord site, TV channels 1 - 3 entered service on 17th September 1976, with S4C available from the launch on 1st November 1982. The UHF cylinder contains a west facing cardioid.

BBC FM radio was added in May 1981. This was re-engineered for mixed polarisation in 1993. Radio 1 was added on 28th September 1993 and Radio 4 from 4th October 1993.

As seen from Welshpool, to the NW, it stands behind woodland, an ancient iron-age hillfort called the Beacon Ring. The site is beside the course of a Roman Road, and the Wales-England border is about 0.5km away from it. The Beacon Ring is also the highest point of the Long Mountain, at 408m.

From the south. The other tower visible (to the left) belongs to Spectrasite Transco and is based in a Severn Trent reservoir enclosure. SST's tower handles emergency services comms (or that's what I've always been told). This too is visible from town.

Again from the south, a little more north along the Roman road. Note the microwave dish quite near the top. I'm certain that points to The Wrekin

A general view from the SE. The Beacon Ring is clearly visible behind the site. Note the aerial on the roof of the control room nearest the centre of the picture. That also points in the general direction of the Wrekin. Perhaps the engineers prefer watching Central?

The view from approach road

A close up from further up the approach road. Note the microwave dish. At the bottom of the pic can be seen the FM dipoles, one pointing SW - down the Severn Valley - and the other NW - covering Welshpool.

From the gate to the site, The Wrekin can be seen 23 miles away. Sutton Coldfield is some way off in the distance, to the right of The Wrekin, and a long way the other side of the Ironbridge Gorge.

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