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Photos by Dan Glover Page last updated: 2011-11-01

September 2009

DAB transmission from this site started in 2003/2004 for D1 and the Kent multiplexes. The BBC multiplex was added in 2009.

The associated planning application shows the TV transmit array was raised by about 3m to make space for the DAB dipoles.

The two DAB dipoles are at the top, in front of the UHF cardioid. The Band II array is on the right hand side, near the top of the main structure.

The four-element VP yagi just above the trees is likely to be for RBS purposes (receiving Dunkirk) but when this site was initially established for Invicta Sound in the mid 1980s it was almost certainly RBL.

The location requires a directional array - four horizontal and two vertical antennas.

Two HP logs receive Heathfield - they're at relatively low level on the tower.

The planning application includes: "0.6m dish at 33m facing Charing" - presumably the one towards the bottom of this photo. This may form part of the distribution arrangements for the Kent multiplex?

Meanwhile, this satellite dish is likely to be used to feed the national networks.

According to the planning application, the brick building is the original (TV and ILR). The DAB equipment is presumably in the green cabin with the GPS cones.

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