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Photos by Martin Watkins Page last updated: 2019-02-04

November 2007

More pictures, taken on a rather dull day. A new ILR service had just taken up residence at Ridge Hill, using 106.2 MHz on a new transmitting aerial.

From top:

UHF analogue
Mobile phones
DTT (pre DSO) panels
DAB (BBC and Commercial National share)
BBC FM network and local

From top:

DTT (bottom tier)
ITV West UHF and Classic FM
ILR 97.6 MHz
Channel Five analogue
ILR 106.2 MHz (newly installed)

DTT at 129 and 133 m agl.
DAB at 127 m agl.

DAB at 127 m agl

BBC national and local, 112 m agl.

Classic FM Siras and new(ish) ITV West tx panels.

102 m agl.

ILR 97.6 MHz; 95 m agl

Channel Five tx panels; 86 m agl

Newly installed ILR tx on 106.2 MHz, 71 m agl

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