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Photos by Colin Pickett Page last updated: 2020-10-19

September 2020 - Channel 5 analogue antennas removed

Went for a 7 mile walk in the late afternoon which just happened to pass along the ridge immediately behind the site. It would have been rude not to take a few pictures!

I don't think much has changed since the previous update except for the removal of the Channel 5 analogue panels. The ITV West Analogue antenna, on close inspection, does appear to still be in-situ.

Site Overview

UHF Television and DAB antennas. SDL DAB commenced via the existing DAB antenna in September 2018.

From the top, BBC National & Local FM, Classic FM, and ILR Hereford & Worcester FM antennas. The old ITV West Analogue TV panel antenna is still in situ at the same height as the Classic FM antenna.

Although these two pictures were taken from opposite side of the mast, they show the same section of the mast. Left is 2015. Right is how it now looks with the Channel 5 aerial panels removed from the bottom section. Also some mobile phone panels that were just above have gone.

ILR Herefordshire & Monmouthshire FM antennas. (106.2 MHz)

It looks like Arqiva have accidentally left some wrapped hay bales on the roof of the building, but I am guessing they are protection against ice falling from the mast.

Ridge Hill is a superb site and visible clearly from the surrounding lush countryside including the traditional apple orchards.

Ridge Hill index

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