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Photos by David Neale, Colin Pickett and Mike Smith

Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire
NGR: SN029262 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height: 189.3m Structure Height: 154.4m
Digital TV: BBC A: 33 D3&4: 36 BBC B: 48
BBC Radio: Radio 1: 98.9 Radio 2: 89.3 Radio 3: 91.5 Radio 4: 104.9
  Radio Cymru: 93.7  Radio Wales: 95.9 
Ind. National Radio:
Ind. Local Radio: Radio Pembrokeshire: 102.5 
Digital Radio: BBC National: 12B        Digital One: 11D       
Comments: Haverfordwest is a TV relay of Presely. Pre B700 allocations: 56/52/47.

Haverfordwest is the main BBC FM transmitter serving Pembrokeshire (except that part north of the Preseli hills) and parts of Carmarthenshire.

Originally built for BBC Wales Band I VHF TV transmissions, it has been superceded by the Presely UHF transmitter for television transmission in the area, although it is still home to low powered analogue TV relay transmitters. However, it still serves an important purpose by transmitting an increasing number of radio services, Radio Wales FM being the latest example.

The Band II antenna array was replaced with a Mixed Polarisation variety higher up the mast (in the old Band I aperture), and the ERP increased, when the Radio 1 and Radio 4 FM services were added in the 1990s.

Although classed as a 'Main Transmitter' there is no transmission feed to site, and the FM programme material is derived off-air from Blaenplwyf near Aberystwyth.

Here are the rebroadcast link antennas:

This is what the old horizontal dipole array looked like before the change:

The small tower on the site at Haverfordwest is the old Rx-Tower that use to support all the VHF Antennas that recieved from Blaenplwyf. This little tower is sadly redundant now.

Above and below: View of the logs just below the first landing stage (second guying point)

Haverfordwest FM coverage area | Presely

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Replacement UHF tx aerials for B700 clearance April 2018

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