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Photos by Steve Senior

In the late 1980s there were two masts at Holme Moss for a time, when the original 1950's mast was replaced by the current mast.

The local press report the story:

Steve Senior remembers:
The original mast was due to be demolished during the summer but inclement weather conditions meant that by the on set of winter the demolition was not completed. During that winter the weather conditions were very similar to the those which brought down Emley Moor in 1969.

Days of freezing fog built up thick layers of Ice on the windward side of the two masts. The temporary stays on the partially demolished old mast were thick with ice and began to stretch and sag with the weight.

The photos I have are from a very cold bright sunny day that winter. At the time I worked for BBC transmitter group. Such was the fear that the mast would collapse, bringing the new one with it, we were not allowed to go to work at Holme Moss for almost 6 weeks...

Oh boy, does this photo look cold...!

The new mast is the one on the left. This next photo clearly shows the sagging temporary stays:

This final photo shows the weather finally thawing.

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