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Aerial photo by ??? (with thanks to Mat Overton)
Grey day photo by Peter Bigwood
Sunny day photos by mb21
Snowy day photo by Allan Jones
Dark Day Indeed photos by Mark Timlin

Emley Moor from Holme Moss (photo by Peter Bigwood)

I tried to take a similar shot myself but although it was sunnier it was also hazier.
The result, although a nice landscape shot in itself shows that Emley Moor
has almost completely 'disappeared'!

The viewpoint has this explanatory plaque by the car park. The wording on it says:
This is Yorkshire Water's Holme Moss Car Park located near the northern boundary of the Peak District National Park, an area of 335 aquare miles of beautiful, specially protected countryside. For more information on the National Park contact the National Park Office, Baslow Road, Bakewell.

The reservoirs you can see are owned by Yorkshire Water and provide water for Huddersfield and Kirklees. The surrounding moor and woodlands are gathering ground for water for these reservoirs. They are also a nationally important wildlife habitat.

Yorkshire Water owns a number of other reservoirs in the area where recreation is available. For more information contact the Conservation and Recreation Department, Western House, Western Way, Halifax Road, Bradford.

Ahead of you is the countryside where the 'Last of  The Summer Wine' TV series is filmed and across the road on your left the 225m high BBC transmitter which provides television and radio to much of northern England.

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