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Oxford Oxfordshire
NGR: SP567105 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height: 129.5m Structure Height: 165.7m
Digital TV: BBC A: 41 D3&4: 44 BBC B: 47 SDN: 29 Arq A: 37 Arq B: 31
Mux 7: 55 Mux 8: 56 Local Mux: 22 Local Mux: 46
BBC Radio: Radio 1: 99.1 Radio 2: 89.5 Radio 3: 91.7 Radio 4: 93.9
  Radio Oxford: 95.2 
Ind. National Radio: Classic FM: 101.3  Absolute Radio: 1197 kHz 
Ind. Local Radio: Heart FM (Thames Valley): 102.6 
Digital Radio: BBC National: 12B        Digital One: 11D        Sound Digital: 11A        Oxfordshire: 10B       
Comments: Used to broadcast Six TV on analogue ch 47. Pre B700 allocations: 53/60/57 and 50/59/55

The Oxford site is located near the village of Beckley, a few miles North-East of Oxford  city centre.

This sign is outside the drive of a local resident, helpfully directing lost and disorientated transmitter engineers away from his own nearby property.

Initially home to a low power BBC 405-line relay from 29-Jan-1962, the site was subsequently chosen for high power UHF transmission. The new 500ft mast entered BBC2 programme service on 17-Feb-1968, with BBC1 & ITV following in Jun-1970.

This site was on time for the launch of both Channel 4 & Channel 5, although in the case of the latter the power is only 8% of the other services from an aerial 54m lower.

The Oxford area is well known for multiple coverage overlap with fringe reception possible from Crystal Palace, Sandy Heath & Hannington respectively.

As well as the terrestrial tv networks, the station also transmits the local (low power) RSL station, the Oxford Channel, local and network BBC radio, and Classic fm.

Oxford re-engineered: 1986-88
Photos by Martin Watkins

Photos by David Foord

Photos by Martin Watkins

The Virgin Radio wire aerial
Photos by Peter Bigwood

Photos by Martin Watkins

Photos by Martin Watkins

These photos, from October 2009, show the result of the first stage of DSO work at Oxford - the new reserve aerial system.

Photos by Roger Piper

Moving on to February 2010, the old main aerial stack was lifted off and the new main aerial hoisted into place by helicopter.

Roger Piper went along in March to check out the result...

DSO3: Fire at Oxford
Photo by Alan Simpson

Shortly after lunch on 13th May 2010, all our analogue TV channels other than Channel 5 abruptly went off air. Two or three minutes later the terrestrial digital channels followed suit. A trip to the garden to view the Oxford TV transmitter mast at Beckley revealed this spectacular explanation!

Photos by Roger Piper

Roger went back in late June, after the fire, to find remedial work in progress - it looks like the top of the mast is being re-painted and made ready to receive the replacement antenna system.

Photos by Roger Piper and David Pinfold

Some photos and video of the second Oxford helilift which took place on 04-Aug-2010.

Coverage area maps

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