UK Broadcast Transmission
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Photos courtesy of Washford Radio Museum

The front of the main building.
Seen here after it had been empty for about six years and before work had started on the construction of Tropiquaria. The office block and Transmitter Hall would have been demolished by the BBC (as was done at Westerglen) had the building not received a Grade II Listing.

The empty Transmitter Hall before the construction of Tropiquaria.
The switchboard was originally sited along the far wall. The large hole in the floor on the right, through to the Crypt, is where the transmitter unit 'C2' once stood. The markings on the floor relate to a failed plan to make the building into a swimming pool. (This picture is a composite of two photos.) 

One of the two Modulation Transformer Enclosures added to the west side of the building in 1949 for the ST&C CM10 transmitter. This room now houses the Washford Radio Museum.

The granite keystone above the main entrance consisting of BBC monogram and opening date. Only the entrance loggia used granite the rest of the building was constructed of brick faced with concrete slabs cast to simulate Portland stone.
c. 1995.

The BBC coat of arms above main entrance.
First used in this form on Broadcasting House, London by its architect Lt.-Col. G. Val Myer in 1932. The Regional transmitting stations, of which Washford was the fourth to be built, were designed by L. Rome Guthrie and modified by the BBC's Civil Engineer M.T. Tudsbery. 
c. 1995. 

A view of some the present aerial masts 
(and pretty rainbow!) taken from the roof. The east transmitting mast can be seen as well as the two 45m masts used for local TV relay and mobile services. One was erected in the 1960's for an SHF link and the other in 2000 for additional mobile 'phone aerials.

Washford Radio Museum

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