UK Broadcast Transmission
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The lists and map below show UHF, VHF and MF broadcast stations, ordered by geographical location, which are not presently represented in the gallery (shown in black and red), and also stations that have been identified as requiring updated photographs (shown in purple)

Ongoing upgrade work to networks such as DAB mean that new sites are coming online regularly, and existing sites are having new equipment and antennas installed. There are also a small number of extant sites that nobody has ever managed to get to, or that were modified a while ago, but again, nobody has got to recently.

We are also looking for older, vintage photos of sites so if you have any older snaps please don't be shy - send them in! We can accept photos in any format - scanned image files, prints, transparencies or negatives - and will always return any originals to you after scanning. If we are able to restore or enhance your old photos we can also send you high res image files of the new versions.

See this page for details about how to submit your photos.

Challenge Sites

There are a number of sites that may present quite a challenge to document. This may be because there may be limited information on them, they are difficult to locate, or they may even no longer be in existence. These sites are marked red on the map below and are listed separately at the bottom of the page. This group could include sites of any type, but the majority are pre-DSO self helps. These self helps may also have incorrect NGRs. All these self helps have been looked into, and a best guess has been made as to the most likely NGR. In a few cases it's obvious that the relay is on a building, such as a football stand, and those should be accurate for the relay itself. Otherwise some local detective work may be required, although please bear in mind that if decommissioned then it may have been entirely removed. Any information about these would be gratefully received to . Note that this does not apply to any relays marked "Digital Self-Help" as exact location information is available and is shown below.

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Updated photographs required for this site      Challenge sites

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Order lists by Station Name | Order lists by National Grid Ref

Hit List Sites

Station Location Services NGR
Minkey HillCo. LondonderryQ102.9 FM: 102.9  C397173
Tully QuarryCo. AntrimBBC National: 12B  D163004
Newry Golf ClubCo. ArmaghIUR fm: 101.4  J077238
Banbridge (Scarva Street)Co. DownShine FM: 102.4  J112458
RAF AldergroveBFBS Aldergrove and Antrim: 106.5  J154797
BFBS LisburnCo. AntrimBFBS: 100.6  J263659
Belfast (Falls Road)Co. AntrimRadio Failte: 107.1  J318734
Palace BarracksBFBS Holywood: 101.0  J392777
Alnwick Peppermoor FarmTyne & Wear: 11C  NE66 3AB
Scatwell (digital self-help)HighlandBBC B: 24  D3&4: 23  BBC A: 21  SDN: 26  Arq A: 27  Arq B: 29  NH411553
TomatinHighlandBBC A: 28  D3&4: 25  BBC B: 22  NH822288
Hill of AllargueNECR: 106.4  NJ258100
CraigellachieMorayBBC A: 58  D3&4: 49  BBC B: 54  NJ262443
Tor SliasgMoray Firth Radio: 102.8  NJ425581
Scar HillNECR: 102.6  NJ486112
BanffAberdeenshireBBC A: 45  D3&4: 42  BBC B: 39  NJ687617
Markethill Industrial EstateNECR: 97.1  NJ729505
Stewart Park CourtShmuFM: 99.8  NJ917082
NiggNorthsound 2: 1035 kHz  Aberdeen: 11C  NJ955032
EllonAberdeenshireBBC A: 45  D3&4: 39  BBC B: 42  NJ958311
Stirling HillNorthSound Radio: 103.0  NK124411
BoddamAberdeenshireBBC A: 45  D3&4: 42  BBC B: 39  NK126415
Glenfinnan (digital self-help)HighlandBBC A: 46  D3&4: 43  BBC B: 50  NM918808
Clachaig (digital self-help)BBC A: 49  D3&4: 54  BBC B: 58  NN131570
GlencoeNevis Radio: 97.0  NN260515
Maragowan A (digital self-help)StirlingBBC A: 39  D3&4: 42  BBC B: 45  NN571337
Maragowan B (digital self-help)StirlingBBC A: 39  D3&4: 42  BBC B: 45  NN579346
Callander Holiday Park (digital self-help)StirlingBBC A: 28  D3&4: 25  BBC B: 22  NN612077
CrubenmoreR. Scotland (Highland): 93.0  NN666904
GrandtullyPerthshire and KinrossBBC A: 49  D3&4: 54  BBC B: 58  NN917527
BalnaguardPerthshire and KinrossBBC A: 39  D3&4: 45  BBC B: 42  NN956511
Ardovie QuarryAngusBBC National: 12B  Digital One: 11D  NO590580
BrechinAngusBBC A: 46  D3&4: 43  BBC B: 50  NO604590
Arbroath InfirmaryRadio North Angus: 96.6  NO634404
InverbervieThe Mearns: 106.2  NO828717
RavenscraigInverclydeBBC A: 27  D3&4: 24  BBC B: 21  NS252755
Saltcoats (Mayfield)3TFM: 103.1  NS255426
CatrineEast AyrshireBBC A: 50  D3&4: 59  BBC B: 55  NS529255
Glasgow (Paisley Road)Sunny Govan Radio: 103.5  NS537639
Glasgow HiltonGlasgowBBC National: 12B  Digital One: 12A  Sound Digital: 11A  Glasgow: 11C  Central Scotland: 11D  NS580654
CumbernauldRevival Radio: 100.8  NS765750
New Luce (digital self-help)BBC A: 44  D3&4: 41  BBC B: 47  NX162642
GlenluceDumfries and GallowayBBC A: 57  D3&4: 60  BBC B: 53  NX203569
CreetownDumfries and GallowayBBC A: 59  D3&4: 50  BBC B: 55  NX432559
KirkcudbrightDumfries and GallowayBBC A: 21  D3&4: 24  BBC B: 27  NX686506
Kentmere B (digital self-help)CumbriaBBC A: 60  D3&4: 53  BBC B: 57  NY468053
Crosby Garrett (digital self-help)D3&4: 28  BBC A: 25  BBC B: 30  SDN: 23  Arq A: 26  Arq B: 29  NY726096
Richmond (Mercury Road)North YorkshireStar Radio (North East): 102.6  NZ163018
KentonTyne & WearDigital One: 11D  BBC National: 12B  Tyne & Wear: 11C  NZ214674
Royal Victoria HospitalTynesideRadio Tyneside: 1575kHz  NZ242652
Stockton-on-Tees (Hartington Rd)Cross Rhythms: 107.1  NZ442188
Cronk ny ArreyIsle of Man3FM: 104.2  SC193670
BallasaigEnergy FM: 105.2  SC472908
Blackpool (Princess Street)LancashireBBC National: 12B  Lancashire: 12A  Digital One: 11D  SD309352
Penny BridgeCumbriaBBC A: 26  D3&4: 23  BBC B: 29  SD311836
ChorleyChorley FM: 102.8  SD584174
Knott FarmCumbriaBBC National: 12B  SD618987
IngletonDales Radio: 103.0  SD693724
Blackburn (Hospital)Lancashire2BR: 107.0  SD696267
Bolton (The Cube)LancashireBolton FM: 96.5  SD718082
GiggleswickDales Radio: 104.9  SD802644
BrierfieldsPendle Community Radio: 103.1  SD861362
Grassington (Moor Lane)Dales Radio: 104.9  SE008647
Catterick GarrisonGarrison FM: 106.9  SE181984
Leeds (Potternewton Heights)West YorkshireRadio Asian Fever: 107.3  SE302366
Ashbourne HouseTeesside: 11B  SE394935
Porthmadog (digital self-help)GwyneddBBC A: 53  D3&4: 57  BBC B: 60  SH562383
Rhosfach FarmBBC National: 12B  Wolverhampton & Shropshire: 11B  SJ266318
HaltonHalton Community Radio: 92.3  SJ537818
Warrington (Bank Quay Reach)CheshireRadio Warrington: 1332  SJ584868
Market DraytonShropshireSJ669342
Hulme (Clayton Close)Greater ManchesterLegacy FM: 90.1  SJ830961
LongsightAllFM: 96.9  SJ875951
Cwmere (digital self-help)SN678878
Pandy Caravan Club (digital self-help)BBC B: 21  D3&4: 27  BBC A: 24  SO334225
Coventry (Mercia House)West MidlandsRadio Plus: 101.5  SP331790
Towcester (Potcote Farm)NorthamptonshireBBC National: 12B  SP665524
Northampton (University Park Campus)NorthamptonshireNNBC: 106.9  Inspiration FM: 107.8  SP762643
ButetownRadio Cardiff: 98.7  ST187752
PontyllanfriathCaerphillySouth East Wales: 12C  ST204933
Brunel TowerWiltshireSwindon FM: 105.5  SU149847
MedsteadThe Breeze (East Hampshire): 101.6  SU672360
Land's End Radio StationCornwallCoast FM: 97.2  SW378307
Penzance (Fountain Court)CornwallCoast FM: 96.5  SW470306
Freshwater Caravan Park (digital self-help)DorsetD3&4: 23  BBC A: 26  BBC B: 29  SDN: 25  Arq A: 22  Arq B: 28  SY479898
Hull Clough RoadHumberside: 10D  TA098312
New Stamford CollegeRutlandRutland FM: 97.4  TF035078
Stoke DoylePeterborough: 12D  TL021875
Cambridge (Hills Road)Cam FM: 105.0  TL455577
Ely Water TowerCambridgeshireDigital One: 11D  TL551817
Mercury House (Romford)Time 107.5: 107.5  TQ514889
Fort AlbertAlderneyIsland FM: 93.7  XD868805

Sites remaining: 92

Order lists by Station Name | Order lists by National Grid Ref

Updated Photographs Required

Station Location Update Reason NGR
Ballycastle ForestCo. AntrimNew BBC DAB instalation, antenna 35 m aglD118397
GortnaleeCo. FermanaghDetailed photos neededG955554
EnniskillenCo. FermanaghDetail : DAB tx antennaH232457
StrabaneCo. TyroneDAB aerial modified May 2016 to alter patternH393947
Glenelly ValleyPole replaced by towerH576913
ArmaghCo. ArmaghDetail : DAB tx antennaH891446
ScallowayShetlandDAB facility addedHU398397
VoeShetlandDetail of TV rx (2 x Yagis) on separate support 250 m east of main site, actual grid ref of site is HU409634HU409634
CamloughCo. ArmaghDAB facility addedJ055247
Killowen MountainCo. DownPhotos on a clear day would be good, inc. new mastJ207174
Black MountainCo. AntrimDetail : tx antennasJ278727
Divis ACo. AntrimDetail : DAB tx ants. & DSO work inc. new mast, local TV MUX aerial @ 93 m aglJ287750
Carnmoney HillCo. AntrimDetail: new DAB tx antennaJ336829
Ness Of LewisOuter HebridesDetail : tv & FM tx antennasNB533603
Ben TongueHighlandDetailed photos neededNC604588
Rumster ForestHighlandNew top tv ant. and DAB tx antennasND197385
SkriaigIsle of SkyeNew 8λ UHF tx aerial Autumn 2015, ILR tx on adjacent towerNG451408
Cnoc MalaganHighlandDetailed photos requiredNG654081
MelvaigHighlandNew BBC DAB installationNG757900
Glen UrquhartHighlandDetailed photos neededNH442295
Auchmore WoodHighlandDetailed photos neededNH484502
FoddertyHighlandDetail : tv rx antennaNH512606
Balblair WoodHighlandDetail, especially of RBL aerialsNH593952
RosemarkieHighlandModifications to UHF tx aerial, lowest seven tiers of panels removed spring 2016NH762623
AviemoreHighlandDetailed photos neededNH940125
GrantownHighlandDetail : DAB tx antennasNJ003267
TomintoulMorayDetailed photos neededNJ163209
Gartly MoorAberdeenshireDetail : tv rx antennas, new BBC DAB installation March 2015NJ547326
LumphananAberdeenshireDetail : tv rx antennaNJ587049
RedmossAberdeenshireLocal DAB MUX antennaNJ942024
Mormond HillAberdeenshireDetailed photos neededNJ982569
AcharacleHighlandDetailed photos neededNM678695
TrislaigHighlandDetailed photos neededNN086749
Ben GullipenStirlingDetailed photos neededNN598045
Dalnacardoch WoodDetailed photos needed pleaseNN720714
KingussieHighlandBBC DAB added Spring 2010NN769985
Tummel BridgePerthshire and KinrossDetail : tv rx antennaNN771600
CrieffPerthshire and KinrossDetailed photos neededNN814200
Blair AthollPerthshire and KinrossDetailed photos needed pleaseNN894658
Faire MhorPerthshire and KinrossDetailed photos pleaseNN993583
MethvenPerthshire and KinrossDetailed photos neededNO016265
DunkeldPerthshire and KinrossDetail of tx panelsNO046415
Kirkton MailerPerthshire and KinrossDetailed photos neededNO102210
PerthPerthshire and KinrossUpdated photos would be useful, especially Angus RBL troughs and ILR aerialNO108212
MorroneDetailed photos neededNO132886
LindoresFifeDetailed photos neededNO251159
TullichAberdeenshireDetailed photos needed, and BBC DAB added March 2015, antenna agl 50 mNO379984
Dundee LawDetail of ILR installationNO392313
AngusAngusDetail of FM, DAB & tv tx antennas neededNO394407
Greenside ScalpFifeDetailed photos neededNO431290
Drumcarrow CraigFifeDetailed photos of DAB aerials pleaseNO460133
ForfarAngusDetail : FM tx antennasNO482409
DurrisAberdeenshireDetail : DABt x ant. and new main tv tx ant.NO763899
Port EllenArgyll and ButeBBC DAB installationNR338452
BallygrogganArgyll and ButeDetailed photos neededNR629189
CampbeltownArgyll and ButeNew BBC DAB installation May 2015, antenna agl 38 mNR707192
BellanochArgyll and ButeDetail : antennas on new towerNR803919
South KnapdaleArgyll and ButeDAB facility addedNR837748
TighnabruaichArgyll and ButeDetailed photos neededNR993745
Lochgoilhead ADArgyll and ButeDetailed photos neededNS190977
West KilbrideNorth AyrshireDetail: UHF, DAB and VHF tx, VHF rx antennasNS215483
RosneathArgyll and ButeDetailed photos needed, inc. new DAB tx ant.NS258811
Brown Carrick HillDetailed photos needed, BBC DAB added Jan 2016, separate to Local MUX installationNS291162
TroonSouth AyrshireDetailed photos neededNS324315
LochwinnochRenfrewshireDetailed photos neededNS337582
Millburn MuirWest DunbartonshireDetail : DAB, FM & tv tx antennasNS378796
UplawmoorEast RenfrewshireDetailed photos neededNS437563
Glasgow (Anniesland)GlasgowDetailed photos neededNS547688
DarvelEast AyrshireBBC DAB installations, also rx aerialsNS557341
SornEast AyrshireDetailed photos neededNS558260
Glasgow (West Central)GlasgowLocal DAB added March 2016NS565683
HolmheadEast AyrshireDetailed photos neededNS566199
Dechmont HillSouth LanarkshireDetailed photos neededNS647578
MuirkirkEast AyrshireDetailed photos neededNS710267
KirkconnelDumfries and GallowayNew BBC DAB installation, antenna 40m aglNS745150
GlespinSouth LanarkshireDetail : tv rx antennaNS821286
Black HillNorth LanarkshireR CLyde 229 m agl: 8 x three element crossed yagis changed for 8 x folded dipoles. D2 DAB aerial @ 263 m aglNS828647
LeadhillsSouth LanarkshireDetailed photos neededNS884149
AbingtonSouth LanarkshireDetailed photos neededNS938221
BiggarSouth LanarkshireNew BBC DAB installations, antenna above UHF tx arrayNT016325
PeeblesBordersBBC DAB added March 2015, antenna agl 52 mNT228416
CraigkellyFifeNew Local MUX TV aerial @ 65m aglNT233872
InnerleithenBordersDetail : rx antennasNT325368
StowBordersDetailed photos neededNT448445
SelkirkBordersMdifications to UHF tx aerial in connection with 700 MHz clearance Spring 2016 NT500294
GalashielsBordersNew UHF rx aerial Nov 2016NT507360
HawickBordersNew UHF rx aerial Nov 2016NT509147
ByrnessNorthumberlandDetailed photos neededNT766015
EyemouthBordersNew UHF rx aerial Nov 2016NT947599
Berwick upon TweedNorthumberlandDSO changes, including detail of rx antenna on ChattonNT980547
Cairn PatDetailed photos neededNX044563
KimmeraghIsle of ManUHF tx aerial replaced (with RFS 4UD) late August 2015.NX450000
Cambret HillDumfries and GallowayDetail : DAB tx, tv rx, FM rx ants & DSO changesNX524578
Barskeoch HillDumfries and GallowayDetail : DAB tx antennaNX810616
ThornhillDumfries and GallowayNew BBC DAB installation, antenna 40m aglNX855891
Broughton MoorCumbriaNew BBC DAB installationNY058330
LangholmDumfries and GallowayDetailed photos needed, and BBC DAB installation at 40 m agl NY358830
Pooley BridgeCumbriaDetailed photos neededNY477234
OrtonCumbriaDetailed photos neededNY618071
AlstonCumbriaDetailed photos neededNY730478
Haydon BridgeNorthumberlandNew BBC DAB installation, antenna 51 m agl (above UHF)NY809630
Catton BeaconNorthumberlandDetail : tv rx antennaNY822590
IreshopeburnDurhamDetailed photos neededNY862381
WallNorthumberlandDetail : tv rx antennaNY909676
FenhamTyne & WearDetailed photos of recent modifications (eg removal of ch 5 aerial)NZ216648
MorpethNorthumberlandDetail : DAB tx antennasNZ218864
DurhamCounty DurhamD1 and Local DAB added Sept 2016, NZ264423
FellingTyne & WearDetailed photos neededNZ276616
Whitley BayDetail required - colinear DAB aerial mounted and well-hidden amongst mobile phone antennasNZ350713
MonkswearmouthTyne & WearDetailed photos neededNZ400579
Hartlepool (Barbara Mann Court)County DurhamDetailed photos neededNZ505326
Union MillsIsle of ManDSO; height of tower increased to give agl of 37 m (was 24 m)SC343769
Douglas (Carnane)Isle of ManDetail : DSO changesSC373746
Ramsey VHF (Energy FM)Isle of ManDetail : FM rx antennaSC449945
Ramsey VHF (3FM)Isle of ManDetail : FM rx antennaSC449947
BarrowCumbriaDetail : feed point, BBC DAB added August 2015, aerial 32 m aglSD218707
RooseCumbriaDetailed photos neededSD220692
DaltonCumbriaFM tx antenna, detail tv rx antennaSD230745
Morecambe BayCumbriaDetailed photos neededSD239791
SedberghCumbriaDetailed photos neededSD607879
MillthropCumbriaDetail : tv rx antennaSD659926
ChaigleyLancashireDSO: VSAT dish and new enclosureSD686446
DarwenLancashireNew BBC DAB @ 40 m aglSD708223
WhalleyLancashireNew BBC DAB installatio summer 2015, antenna at 48 m aglSD729352
ChatburnLancashireDSO: VSAT dish addedSD765445
HaslingdenLancashireDetail : new DAB tx antennaSD795236
Hameldon HillLancashireDetailed photos neededSD808288
NordenGreater ManchesterDetailed photos neededSD861142
WhitworthLancashireNew BBC DAB installation 39 m aglSD886203
LuddendenWest YorkshireBBC DAB installation, aerial at 36 m aglSE048248
BilsdaleNorth YorkshireLocal MUX aerial in service @ 200 m agl late Nov 2016SE553962
Trent View HouseLincolnshireDAB added autumn 2016SE882092
LlandecwynGwyneddDetail : tv rx & DAB tx antennasSH644371
GwaenysgorDenbighshireLocal DAB added autumn 2016SJ077817
BebingtonMerseysideDetailed photos neededSJ351838
Manchester Old Trafford (digital self-help)Greater ManchesterUpgraded at DSO: new UHF tx panels. RX antenna may be upgraded alsoSJ807962
Hulme UHFGreater ManchesterDetailed photos neededSJ829966
Sutton CommonCheshireSilk FM's aerial is now at the top of the structure @ 75 m aglSJ933676
BroadbottomGreater ManchesterDetailed photos neededSJ987933
Ladder HillDerbyshireNew BBC DAB installationSK027789
GlossopDerbyshireDetail : tv rx & FM tx antennas; BBC DAB installation June 2015, ant agl 41mSK027953
Birch ValeDerbyshireNew BBC DAB installation, tx aerial 40 m aglSK028861
StocksbridgeSouth YorkshireNew BBC DAB @ 21 m aglSK275991
Shepshed NookLeicestershireDetailed photos (if poss)SK489186
NewtownMontgomeryshireDetail of mast base and feederSO134917
HerefordHerefordshireLocal DAB added Autumn 2016; note SHF feed from Ridge HillSO524364
KidderminsterWorcestershireDAB added autumn 2016; might be on second towerSO808739
Cheltenham (Eagle Tower)GloucestershireDetailed photos neededSO948217
Headless CrossWorcestershire Local DAB added October 2016; 4 element RBL Yagi on Malvern - may be on another part of the roofSP037663
Over NortonOxfordshireLocal DAB added autumn 2016SP309282
Woodford HalseNorthamptonshireRx: yagis replaced by 4 x logsSP540530
BrauntonDevonLocal DAB Mux, 18 m agl, Feb 2016SS494369
Huntshaw CrossDevonAutumn 2016: work to replace S2 UHF aerial in prep for B700 clearanceSS527220
Barnstaple (North Devon College)DevonWhich is the student station's aerial? A closeup of the right one, please.SS551323
BrushfordDevonRBL changed from Huntshaw to Stockland post DSO; photos of new rx aerial.SS921262
Ogmore ValeBridgendNew BBC National DAB MUX aerial @ 50 m aglSS929894
Celtic Manor (digital self-help)GwentDetailed photos neededST355897
ChardSomersetBBC DAB installed Dec 2014ST358086
Bristol (Kings Weston Hill)City of BristolNew UHF tx aerial in preparation for B700 clearance, Sep 2016ST547775
Cerne AbbasDorsetDetail : tv rx antennaST645012
Fort WidleyHampshireNew DAB installation Nov 2016 for nationals and South Hants localSU657065
St. JustCornwallNew BBC DAB installation, aerial 52 m aglSW382331
Praa SandsCornwallDetailed photos neededSW572284
HelstonCornwallDetail: new DAB tx antennaSW651275
St. AustellCornwallDSO changes if any, new DAB antennaSX008535
Penaligon DownsCornwallDetail : FM tx & rx antennas, DAB antennasSX026683
PolperroCornwallDetailed photos neededSX205508
LooeCornwallMast section addedSX252534
DownderryCornwallDetailed photos neededSX313542
North BoveyDevonWooden pole replaced by new monopole structureSX741845
SlaptonDevonDetailed photos needed, new BBC DAB aerial 44 m aglSX816416
Dartmouth VHFDevonDetailed photos neededSX866508
KingswearDevonNew BBC DAB installation April 2015SX887511
Budleigh SaltertonDevonDAB (BBC and local)SY043825
Ladram Bay (digital self-help)DevonDoes anyone have access to photo internal equipment changes for DSO?SY093853
SidmouthDevonNew BBC DAB antenna 24 m aglSY136879
WeymouthDorsetILR FM added 2013SY663778
Oliver's MountNorth YorkshireReplacement of S1 UHF aerial late Oct 2016 in prep for B700 clearanceTA040869
West LynnNorfolkNew 30 m lattice tower for DAB summer 2016TF612188
Gog MagogCambridgeshireDAB Minimux added Sep 2015TL491533
Hoo St. Werburgh VHF*Possible* change to Band II aerial following frequency swap with Gillingham May 2016TQ774731
Les TouilletsGuernseyNov 2015: DAB aerial installed within the same aperture as the Island FM aerialXD581509
Guernsey (Rohais)Guernsey'T' feedpoint detail neededXD594514
Les PlatonsJerseyDetail of new DAB installationXD925273

Sites remaining: 184

Challenge List Sites

Station Location Services NGR
StradreaghCo. LondonderryC722274
ColeraineCo. LondonderryC824337
Heylor (self-help)HU291809
Clousta (self-help)HU312572
Olna Firth (self-help)HU380646
Sandwick (self-help)HU437237
Elliots Hill (self-help)J222963 approx
BallygomartinCo. AntrimJ292765
Chapel Fields (self-help)J340738 approx
Culkein (self-help)NC037331
Strathcanaird (self-help)NC149019
Amat (self-help)NC392001
Altnaharra (self-help)NC572353
Coldbackie (self-help)HighlandNC614599
Blandy (self-help)NC622598
Borgie (self-help)NC675595
Strathnaver B (self-help)NC713465 approx
Strathnaver A (self-help)NC713465 approx
Armadale (self-help)NC788647
Strathy West (self-help)NC836656
Borrobol (self-help)NC867266
Suisgill (self-help)NC903237
Halladale (self-help)NC904520
Langwell (self-help)ND103224 approx
Berriedale (self-help)ND122229
Seilebost (self-help)NG072954 or near NG074987 ?
Stein (self-help)Isle of SkyeNG257569
Totardor (self-help)NG370396
Carbost (self-help)NG382318 or NG430481 ?
Uig B (self-help)NG396639
Staffin B (self-help)NG485677 or NG495668 ?
Strathaird (self-help)NG550181
Luib (self-help)NG566278
Torrin (self-help)NG579208
Tarskavaig (self-help)NG590099
Heast (self-help)NG647177
Isle Ornsay A-C (self-help)NG696123 approx
Balmacara Sq (self-help)NG808281
Glenelg D (self-help)NG815192
Glenelg B-E (self-help)NG815193 approx
Auchtertyre (self-help)NG841275
Achmore (self-help)NG855335
Inverinate (self-help)NG932201
Durnamuck (self-help)NH015925
Kinlochewe (self-help)NH038625
Lochrosque (self-help)HighlandNH146586
Invergarry (self-help)NH304011
Glascarnoch C (self-help)NH352705 approx
Glascarnoch B (self-help)NH352705 approx
Glascarnoch (self-help)NH373703 approx
Garve (self-help)NH395615
Invermoriston A-D (self-help)NH422177 approx
Upper Foyers (self-help)NH518182
U. Strathnairn B (self-help)NH645267 approx
Torvean (self-help)NH653439
U. Strathnairn A (self-help)NH674292 approx
Daviot (self-help)NH722394
Culloden (self-help)NH768459
Drynachan Lodge (self-help)NairnshireNH870392
Glenmore (self-help)NH974096
Glenlivet (self-help)NJ195295
Carron (self-help)NJ223414
Strathdon A-F (self-help)NJ350128 approx
Haughton House C/P (self-help)NJ583169
Portsoy C/P (self-help)NJ591661
Oyne (self-help)NJ673261
Macduff (self-help)NJ709637 or NJ710632 ?
Turriff C/P (self-help)NJ726493
Fyvie (self-help)NJ762378
Aberdeen-Talisman (self-help)NJ932053
Aberdeen (Old Town) (self-help)NJ948081
South Tiree (self-help)NM027438 approx
Dervaig (self-help)NM434520
Portuairk (self-help)NM435681
Salen (Aros) (self-help)NM552455
Shielfoot (self-help)NM662701
Glenuig (self-help)NM674770
Arisaig House (self-help)HighlandNM693849
Ardtornish B (self-help)NM704474
Ardtornish A (self-help)NM705475
Kinlochmoidart (self-help)NM714724
Lochailort (self-help)NM770824
Strontian (self-help)NM815615
Barguillean (self-help)NM981288
Inverinan (self-help)NM995175
Bridge of Awe (self-help)NN035295
Conaglen (self-help)NN111587
Glen Loy (self-help)NN121835 approx
Gairlochy (self-help)NN182840
Glenspean A,B (self-help)NN299814 approx
Inversnaid (self-help)NN347095
Crianlarich (self-help)NN383252
Balquhidder (self-help)NN535205
Eilean Mor (self-help)NN555566
Talla-a-Bheithe (self-help)NN559579
Loch Venachar (self-help)NN591065
Laggan (self-help)NN615945
Dalwhinnie (self-help)NN636850
Loch Tay (self-help)NN724401
Glen Errochty (self-help)NN767630 approx
Perth Queen's Bridge (north side)Perthshire and KinrossNO123234
Dundee (Camperdown)Perthshire and KinrossNO360311
Glen Tanar (self-help)NO474956
Kilchiaran (self-help)NR210598
Colonsay (self-help)NR573920
Conie Glen (self-help)NR693114
Loch Caolisport (self-help)NR750745 approx
Glendaruel (self-help)NR992848
Glendaruel B (self-help)NR995855
Ormidale (self-help)NS005815
Loch Striven (self-help)NS086724 approx
Glenbranter (self-help)NS114975
Benmore B (self-help)NS137849
Benmore A (self-help)NS143848 or NS142863 ?
Craigie Gardens (self-help)NS346215
Burnton (self-help)NS472070
Blair Drummond (self-help)NS736984
Dullator (self-help)NS749768
Blyth Bridge (self-help)NT129439
Barns FarmFifeNT178842
Dreghorn BarracksGarrison FM (Edinburgh): 98.5  NT227683
Sourhope (self-help)NT847202
Glentrool (self-help)NX357782
Carsphairn (self-help)NX567934
Auchencheyne (self-help)NX752873
Boreland (self-help)NY172913
Eskdale Boot A (self-help)NY174012
Eskdale Boot B (self-help)NY174012
Eskdalemuir B (self-help)NY251978
Great Langdale (self-help)NY307064
Deepdale (self-help)CumbriaNY400145
Rooking (self-help)NY401161
Hartsop (self-help)CumbriaNY408134
Stainton (self-help)CumbriaNY491283
Burnbanks (self-help)NY506162
Keld (self-help)NY621221
Far Town (Alston) (self-help)NY688503
Kielder Dam (self-help)NY707880
Low Haber (self-help)NY785555
Keld (self-help)North YorkshireNY895001
Langthwaite (self-help)NZ005025
Tyne TunnelMetro FM: 97.1  NZ330659
HemlingtonNorth YorkshireNZ503136
North Hartlepool (self-help)NZ513339
Hawsker Bottoms (self-help)NZ937080
S Locheilside (self-help)Possibly NN055785 or NN060780 ?
Duddon Bridge (self-help)SD195888
Duddon Valley (self-help)SD206936 approx
Blawith (self-help)SD289882
Parkcliffe (self-help)SD423912 ?
Dolphinholme (self-help)SD521533
Abbeystead (self-help)SD568543
Tarnbrook (self-help)SD585555
Garsdale (Pin Fold) (self-help)SD668918
Dillicar (self-help)SD683882
Dent (self-help)SD703865
Garsdale (self-help)SD749894
Cotterdale (self-help)SD832940
Halton Gill (self-help)SD881764
Stridwood (self-help)SE070556
Dunford Bridge (self-help)SE156023
HMP Leeds (self-help)SE279334
Thixendale (self-help)SE842610
Rhyd-yr-Onen (self-help)SH617023
Caerberllan (self-help)SH664078 or SH651077
Abergynolwyn (self-help)SH678069
Tal-y-Llyn A,B (self-help)SH698084
Aberllefenni (self-help)SH771099
Tal-y-Cafn (self-help)SH789717
Rhydymain (self-help)SH803221
Cemmaes Road (self-help)PowysSH829050
Pentre-llyn-Cymmer (self-help)ClwydSH971527
Llanfihangel-Glyn-Myfyer (self-help)ClwydSH992494
Gwyddelwern (self-help)SJ068464
Pandy (self-help)SJ194358
Llandegla (self-help)DenbighshireSJ196524
Mersey TunnelMerseysideCity FM: 96.7  Heart FM (North West): 105.4  SJ340902
Warrington (self-help)SJ602891
Aberarad (self-help)SN315401
Cwmtydu (self-help)SN356573
Drefelin (self-help)SN363380
Abergorlech (self-help)SN592336
Brynrodyn (self-help)SN606882
Glaspwll (self-help)SN739976
Glyntawe (self-help)SN845165
Abergwesyn (self-help)SN855527
Dernol Valley (self-help)SN913747
Ystradfellte (self-help)SN928134
Llanfaredd (self-help)SO069508
Hundred House (self-help)SO114542 or SO127523
Whitton (self-help)SO414742
Brayford (self-help)SS688347
North Molton (self-help)SS742297
Luccombe (self-help)SS909405
Bickleigh (self-help)SS941071
Barry (self-help)ST126683 approx
Merlin CardiffCardiffST194755
Cheddar (self-help)ST458549
Claverton (self-help)ST797641
AldershotHampshireGarrison FM (Aldershot): 102.5  SU864512
Coverack (self-help)CornwallSW780181
Lannacombe (self-help)SX802372
Winterton-on-Sea (self-help)TG493188
Dartford TunnelAbsolute Radio: 1215 kHz  Talk Sport: 1089 kHz  Radio Five Live: 909 kHz  TQ571769

Sites remaining: 205

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