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DSO was completed in October 2012. There will continue to be minor tweaks to the system and stations will come and go, as seems to be the way of things these days, so it remains a good idea to carry out retunes from time-to-time.

If you are waiting for stations like Dave or Yesterday to be added to your local transmitter don't hold your breath, it's not going to happen. If you want greater choice you should consider getting a satellite dish and either a Freesat or Sky box.

Here, for reference purposes, is the timetable which DSO followed:



  30-Mar-2005 Ferryside Wales
  14-Nov-2007 Whitehaven Borders
6-Nov-2008 20-Nov-2008 SELKIRK Borders
8-Apr-2009 22-Apr-2009 BEACON HILL SW England
6-May-2009 20-May-2009 STOCKLAND HILL SW England
18-Jun-2009 16-Jul-2009 Douglas Borders (Isle of Man)
24-Jun-2009 22-Jul-2009 CALDBECK Borders
1-Jul-2009 29-Jul-2009 HUNTSHAW CROSS PSB SW England
8-Jul-2009 5-Aug-2009 REDRUTH PSB SW England
12-Aug-2009 9-Sep-2009 CARADON HILL SW England
12-Aug-2009 9-Sep-2009 Kilvey Hill Wales
19-Aug-2009 16-Sep-2009 PRESELY Wales
26-Aug-2009 23-Sep-2009 CARMEL Wales
30-Sep-2009 HUNTSHAW CROSS COM SW England
30-Sep-2009 REDRUTH COM SW England
21-Aug-2009 18-Nov-2009 LLANDDONA Wales
28-Aug-2009 25-Nov-2009 MOEL-Y-PARC PSB Wales
2-Dec-2009 MOEL-Y-PARC COM Wales
4-Nov-2009 2-Dec-2009 WINTER HILL NW England
4-Nov-2009 3-Dec-2009 Long Mountain Wales
10-Feb-2010 10-Mar-2010 BLAENPLWYF Wales
3-Mar-2010 31-Mar-2010 WENVOE Wales
24-Mar-2010 7-Apr-2010 MENDIP W England
5-May-2010 19-May-2010 BRESSAY Scotland (Shetland)
12-May-2010 26-May-2010 KEELYLANG HILL Scotland (Orkney)
2-Jun-2010 16-Jun-2010 RUMSTER FOREST PSB Scotland
7-Jul-2010 21-Jul-2010 EITSHAL Scotland
14-Jul-2010 28-Jul-2010 SKRIAIG Scotland
4-Aug-2010 18-Aug-2010 ANGUS Scotland
1-Sep-2010 15-Sep-2010 DURRIS Scotland
8-Sep-2010 22-Sep-2010 Knock More Scotland
29-Sep-2009 RUMSTER FOREST COM Scotland
6-Oct-2010 20-Oct-2010 ROSEMARKIE Scotland
13-Oct-2010 27-Oct-2010 Torosay C Scotland
17-Nov-2010 FREMONT POINT Channel Islands
30-Mar-2011 WALTHAM Retune required E Midlands
13-Apr-2011 WALTHAM Retune required E Midlands
30-Mar-2011 13-Apr-2011 SANDY HEATH PSB E England
    The three commercial multiplexes at Sandy Heath will remain on their pre-switchover channels and powers for a period after digital switchover. SDN will then temporarily move to channel 31 during the August 2011, before adopting its final allocation of channel 51 in 2012. Arqiva A will temporarily move to channel 67 during August 2011 before adopting its final allocation of channel 52 in late 2011. Arqiva B will adopt its final allocation of channel 48 during September 2011.  
30-Mar-2011 13-Apr-2011 Nottingham Nottingham
06-Apr-2011 20-Apr-2011 RIDGE HILL W Midlands
06-Apr-2011 20-Apr-2011 THE WREKIN PSB W Midlands

After the PSB multiplexes switch at The Wrekin, the Arqiva multiplexes will remain on their pre-switchover frequencies and powers, and SDN will use a temporary frequency, for a short period before all three multiplexes adopt their final frequencies and powers during September 2011. During this transition period the commercial multiplexes will use the following frequencies: SDN ch49 and ch31, Arqiva A ch53, Arqiva B ch57.

06-Apr-2011 20-Apr-2011 Bromsgrove Bromsgrove
06-Apr-2011 20-Apr-2011 Lark Stoke PSB Stratford-upon-Avon
11-May-2011 25-May-2011 DARVEL C Scotland
11-May-2011 25-May-2011 ROSNEATH C Scotland
1-Jun-2011 15-Jun-2011 CRAIGKELLY C Scotland
8-JUN-2011 22-Jun-2011 BLACKHILL C Scotland
6-Jul-2011 20-Jul-2011 SUDBURY PSB E England
17-Aug-2011 WALTHAM Retune required E Midlands
3-Aug-2011 17-Aug-2011 BELMONT Lincolnshire
3-Aug-2011 17-Aug-2011 Olivers Mount Scarborough
10-Aug-2011 24-Aug-2011 Chesterfield Chesterfield
10-Aug-2011 24-Aug-2011 Sheffield Sheffield
31-Aug-2011 WALTHAM Retune required E Midlands
7-Sep-2011 21-Sep-2011 EMLEY MOOR Yorkshire
7-Sep-2011 21-Sep-2011 SUTTON COLDFIELD W Midlands
7-Sep-2011 21-Sep-2011 Fenton Stoke-on-Trent
14-Sep-2011 28-Sep-2011 OXFORD PSB S Midlands
14-Sep-2011 SANDY HEATH Retune required E England
14-Sep-2011 Hemel Hempstead Retune required N Herts
28-Sep-2011 Lark Stoke COM Stratford-upon-Avon
28-Sep-2011 THE WREKIN Retune required W Midlands
12-Oct-2011 WALTHAM Retune required E Midlands
19-Oct-2011 LONG MOUNTAIN Retune required Wales
19-Oct-2011 Llangynog Retune required Wales
16-Nov-2011 SUDBURY Retune required E England
09-Nov-2011 23-Nov-2011 TACOLNESTON E England
23-Nov-2011 SANDY HEATH Retune required E England
8-Feb-2012 22-Feb-2012 HANNINGTON PSB S England
29-Feb-2012 14-Mar-2012 MIDHURST S England
7-Mar-2012 21-Mar-2012 ROWRIDGE PSB S England
7-Mar-2012 21-Mar-2012 Whitehawk Hill Brighton
4-Apr-2012 18-Apr-2012 CRYSTAL PALACE London
18-Apr-2012 OXFORD COM S Midlands
4/18-Apr-2012 HANNINGTON COM S England
9-May-2012 SANDY HEATH Retune required E England
30-May-2012 13-Jun-2012 HEATHFIELD S England
30-May-2012 13-Jun-2012 Tunbridge Wells S England
30-May-2012 13-Jun-2012 Hastings S England
13-Jun-2012 27-Jun-2012 BLUEBELL HILL SE England
13-Jun-2012 27-Jun-2012 DOVER SE England
27-Jun-2012 SUDBURY COM E England
12-Sep-2012 26-Sep-2012 CHATTON Tyne/Tees
12-Sep-2012 26-Sep-2012 PONTOP PIKE Tyne/Tees
12-Sep-2012 26-Sep-2012 BILSDALE Tyne/Tees
19-Sep-2012 E.P.G. RESHUFFLE 1- Retune required nationally
17-Oct-2012 E.P.G. RESHUFFLE 2 - Retune required nationally
10-Oct-2012 24-Oct-2012 LIMAVADY Ulster
10-Oct-2012 24-Oct-2012 BROUGHER MOUNTAIN Ulster
10-Oct-2012 24-Oct-2012 DIVIS Ulster
Digital tv is available to 99% of the UK without subscription with a Freesat box.
Digital tv and HD are also available from Sky as part of a Sky subscription or for a one-off payment

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