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Photos by Dave Stanley Page last updated: 2021-05-27

Radio Skye - October 2020

There are two structures at Skriaig. The Arqiva mast and the WIG (formerly Hydroboard) tower. Radio Skye is transmitted from the WIG tower. During 2020 the station changed its name from Cuillin FM and also upgraded and repaired its transmitter and antenna systems at Skriaig.

Skriaig is a high point in the north of the Isle of Skye with some impressive views. It is a long walk in if you do not have access to the private track though.

This is the tower during antenna replacement work in October 2020.

The original antenna system of four circular polarisation antennas had failed from metal fatigue caused by the extreme weather conditions.

This is what remained of the link antenna. A temporary antenna was used on
top of the building roof. The Arqiva mast is seen in the background here.

This is what metal fatigue in a lightweight stainless steel antenna looks like.

A temporary dipole was used for transmit for a few years prior to the replacement of the main system.

The main antennas at the top have been replaced with two Siras, which are of a more robust design. The riggers here are about to remove the temporary dipole.

A new link antenna completes the antenna work.

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