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Photos by Rob Shufflebotham, Mike Smith and Bill Wright Page last updated: 2021-05-29

Three contributors have photographed this site from a distance.

Firstly Rob Shufflebotham, followed in May 2011 by Mike Smith, and then Bill Wright in April 2015.

Trislaig is the main Fort William site for Nevis Radio. Rob took this picture from Cow Hill, and it shows at some distance what the site is. The mobile tower is owned by Orange.

Here's a 'zoom in' of Rob's picture.

Mike visited Fort William for a short four day break in May 2011. He reports the weather was almost unremitting rain, wind and mist. Trislaig is a rather remote site and not accessible by car, so he did not manage to get close to the installation. This seems quite typical of many of the sites in the area.

When the fog lifted Mike did seize the opportunity to take a few shots of the site from across the other side of the Loch Linnhe in the town of Fort William itself.

As with the other photographs, this was taken from the opposite side of Loch Linnhe in Fort William. This is a 100% crop from a zoomed in shot, so lacks some definition, but it is possible to make out some of the antennas attached to the tower. The Nevis Radio antenna is, according to the technical parameters, positioned at a height of 15 metres above ground level.

Bill Wright took this in April 2015

Radiation Pattern (Vertical Polarisation) from Trislaig.

Radiation Pattern (Horizontal Polarisation) from Trislaig

Mike produced the above plots from Ofcom, and makes the following notes and observations:-

Predicted area of very good reception from Trislaig. Composite of 300 watt vertical and 150 watt horizontal radiation patterns.

Whereas the Fort William relay for the BBC's v.h.f. / f.m. radio services in the area uses a power of 4.0 kW, the Trislaig transmitter for Nevis Radio uses a modest 0.45 kW. However the signal from Nevis Radio penetrates the area very well and seems just as good in many places - in fact in some areas I fancied that Nevis Radio from Trislaig offered better reception than from its higher powered BBC counterpart. I have no signal measurements to prove this though.

The BBC's Fort William relay is sited very much lower down than the Trislaig site, so this would offer the explanation. Trislaig has a much better aspect across the surrounding area than the site used for BBC radio and so offers good reception despite lower power.

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