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Photos by Martin Watkins Page last updated: 2012-02-15

The view from the top

On these pages we will give you some idea of the work involved in updating a high power main station in the run-up to digital switchover. We are indebted to Laura, Ian, Colin and the team working at Stockland Hill for their help and co-operation.


(Surely they're not seriously suggesting we go up this way..?)

Ah - that looks more like it, but will three of us REALLY fit in there?

Going up....

... and the journey is eerily quiet and smooth, the ground dropping away so fast.

2nd floor, DAB aerials

3rd floor, Gemini FM

4th floor, DTT

The cradle slows right down here, controlled by an engineer on the ground with the winding engine. The mast is now virtually within touching distance.

But we don't pause in front of the reserve aerial, it's "on" (albeit on low power) and no risks are taken in terms of RF exposure.

A gentle bump, we've "made mast" and (to continue the nautical theme) the cradle is "made fast".

The first glance down was heart-stopping.

Looking westwards - Dartmoor is that smudge of hills on the horizon.

Looking ESE roughly. The view extends across Lyme Bay, and the smudge of land in the sea more or less centre of the picture is the Isle of Portland.

Just outside the fence are the scattered bits of the old UHF cylinder.

And now we're off back down to terra firma.

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