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Photos by Rob Shufflebotham Page last updated: 2011-04-26

DSO (14) - July 2010: addition of reserve antenna

Sutton Coldfield at the end of July 2010, showing further progress. The new top section is in place and covered in panels, but the feeders don't look to be in place yet (nor those for the reserve antenna) so more work is still to be done. The reserve antenna is mostly in place but from where the photos were taken it looks like one entire column of panels and odd panels further round are missing, whether there has been some kind of issue with the antenna I don't know. I'll check back soon to see what finally happened. The odd missing panels do appear to have mounts behind.

The two masts

New antennas on the old mast.

The new wrap around reserve is up, but it doesn't look like it's complete. There are quite a few gaps present, possibly due to using the gaps for access and possibly because there was a problem with the missing panels. These were later replaced.

The new main antenna. One half of the ladder is still there, so at this point it looks like some work was still going on.

Gear on the ground.

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