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Photos by Rob Shufflebotham Page last updated: 2012-10-21

DSO (15) : January 2011

Sutton Coldfield's DSO work appears to be pretty much complete on the outside. The two antennas look to be complete. On the inside though it looks like the new TX's are about to be fitted, with some gantry work going in for possible temporary transmitters to run the services while the upgraded units are put in. There's still some mast work going on too, with the basket and winch still present.

I re-visited the site in Mid-April 2011 to have a look how things were going and - apart from the torrential rain I encountered - nothing else had changed.

The 2 masts.

Top of the original mast, complete.

Temporary mast, including skew fire panels. These haven't yet been duplicated on the original mast, so maybe they are to stay where they are until DSO, and this mast will continue to provide analogue and low power Digital until then?

Cage, cable drums.

Possible temporary feeder gantry to temporary Txs?

Sutton Coldfield at night by Luke Harlow

Sutton Coldfield Transmitting Station taken with a Nikon D3100, 70-300mm lens. 20 Second Exposure

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