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Photos by David McWilliam, Andrew Fitton and Neil Byng Page last updated: 2011-05-15
Redditch Worcestershire
NGR: SP028683 Maps: Google  Bing (Ord Surv) Site Height: 111.3m      Structure Height: 24m
Digital TV: BBC A: 25 D3&4: 22 BBC B: 28
BBC Radio:
Ind. National Radio:
Ind. Local Radio:
Digital Radio:
Comments: Redditch is a relay of Sutton Coldfield

Situated off the B4096 in the NW outskirts of Redditch this is possibly one of the lowest powered relays in the country, Redditch puts out just 1.6W and covers small areas of Redditch which are shielded from Sutton Coldfield.

The above photo is from David McWilliam (date unknown). The next group from Andrew Fritton were taken in September 2009.

If all the logs are on Sutton Coldfield then there must be a problem getting an acceptable signal - yet the photos below show relatively normal domestic installations. Perhaps it's not the signal strength which is the issue?

Neil Byng visited the site in May 2011 but the only visible changes - DSO or otherwise - were a coat of paint and an Arqiva sticker on the site sign.

Sutton Coldfield

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