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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2021-02-07

August 2016

The purpose of my visit was to see if new transmit aerials had been installed for Swansea local TV, as has been the case at most other sites. They haven't. It seems likely that local TV is using the pre-DSO UHF aerials on the second tower. Anyway, here are some pictures taken in the late afternoon sunshine, and you get the bonus of a picture of the BBC FM receive aerials, which seem to escaped the attention of previous photographers.

Swansea Local TV (Bay TV), launched on 12th July 2016.

The 3 towers on Kilvey Hill. All 3 have broadcast aerials on them.

Left, the original BBC 1960's tower. Right, DAB and pre-DSO DTT, now possibly used for Local TV.

The main UHF transmit aerial used by all 6 main multiplexes.

Wenvoe UHF receive troughs used for RBS.

The 96.4 MHz, ILR transmit aerials. These were installed at several of the original 1970's ILR sites. The other three remaining examples are at Black Mountain, Foxhall Heath and Plympton

The BBC, Classic FM and Heart FM, shared band II transmit aerials. Two tiers each comprising of 2 horizontal and 1 vertical dipole.

Low down on the tower are two horizontally polarised band II log periodics pointing at Carmel providing the programme feed for all the BBC FM radio services. Not previously photographed.

This vertically polarised band II log periodic is pointing towards Wenvoe. I suspect this is used to provide the programme feed for Classic FM. Carmel doesn't transmit Classic FM.

The two smaller towers.

DAB at the top and the pre-DSO UHF panels below, which I suspect are transmitting the Swansea local TV mux.

On the smallest tower are these Sira band II aerials which transmit both the 102.1 & 107.3 MHz, ILR services.

Ofcom, Swansea Local TV radiation pattern.

Swansea Bay as seen from Kilvey Hill

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