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Photos by David Baker Page last updated: 2020-05-11


Kilvey Hill is the site which serves Swansea and the surrounding area. These photos were taken by David Baker in 1994. He says:

I don't know if these will be of any interest to you. These are pictures I took of the Kilvey Hill transmitters back in August 1994, before the addition of DTT, DAB, Radio Wales, Real Radio and various utilities.

Classic FM on 101.3MHz had only recently been added to the site at this time, I remember it bleeding all over reception of the newly introduced 'Galaxy 101' from Mendip, which was very weak around the Neath / Swansea area anyway.

Kilvey Hill was originally a BBC landlord site. 405-line BBC 1 on VHF channel 2 entered service on 23rd December 1967. Closed 4th January 1983.

UHF transmissions commenced with BBC 2 from 17th February 1968. BBC 1 was added in October 1971 and ITV from 28th January 1972. S4C was available from the launch on 1st November 1982 and Channel 5 was added on 15th July 1997. The UHF cylinder contains a north facing cardioid. DSO was on 12th August and 9th September 2009.

ILR Swansea (Swansea Sound) launched on 30th September 1974 on 95.1 MHz. BBC national FM radio was added in June 1979, with Radio's 1 and 4 from 18th December 1992. Classic FM was added on 8th November 1993, Radio Wales during 1999, Real Radio from 5th September 2000 (106.0 MHz), Nation 80's from 3rd October 2006 (102.1 MHz), Nation Radio from 6th Novemebr 2007 (107.3 MHz),

DAB service dates: Digital One, 2nd November 1999; BBC, 30th December 1999; Severn Estuary, 26th June 2001; Swansea, 27th January 2004.

Above: in this photo, taken from the IBA's annual handbook publication "Television and Radio 1986", we see Kilvey Hill still with its Band I (channel 2) tx aerials (just below the UHF cylinder, 2 x horizontal Yagis, facing east to serve Neath and Port Talbot). These were no longer in use by that time. We also see (in all the photos on this page) the original VHF/FM BBC National Radio aerials, installed in the late 1970s, EMI dipoles, below the ILR RCA aerials. These were replaced in 1997 by Marconi dipoles.

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