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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2019-11-14

August 2015

The update list called for detailed pictures of all the band II radio aerials on north side of the mast. Never the easiest side to photograph from a contrast perspective. Also the access road is from the south, so a walk through the heather round to the north was required.

I didn't find any.

UHF main and reserve aerials, south facing side of the mast. The topmast cylinder contains 2 aerials systems designated S1 & S2. S1 for PSB multiplexes 1 - 3. S2 for COM 4 - 6. The lower wrap around is designated S3 and transmits COM 7 & 8, and is the reserve for the other 6 multiplexes.

Looking at the north west facing side of the mast several band II aerials systems, used by local radio and Classic FM, come into view. At the bottom is the band III aerial system transmitting both BBC and Digital One DAB.

There are two separate band II aerial systems here. OFCOM data quotes a height of 282m for Classic FM, the 96.6 MHz and 106.4 MHz ILR services, which would be the two crossed dipoles (X-shaped aerials), below the platform. The top platform is at 288m. My suspicion is that the two Sira aerials attached to the platform may have been a temporary Tx aerial when the crossed dipoles were moved higher up the mast to create space for the UHF S3 aerial. When Radio Tees launched in 1975, the Tx aerial was two tiers of crossed dipoles at 270m, which is where the UHF S3 is now.

The band II BBC local radio and 100.7 MHz ILR service, mixed polarisation transmit aerial system. Comprising 2 x 8 tiers of horizontal dipoles facing roughly NNE and WNW, together with 4 tiers of 2 element vertical Yagis facing about NNW.

From further round the mast the 2 element vertical Yagis become more obvious. This aerial system dates from May 1992 when BBC Radio Cleveland, as it was called then, was re-engineered for mixed polarisation.

The BBC national FM radio transmit aerials. 4 tiers of vertical dipoles.

Left, The former North East DAB Yagis, no longer in use.
Right, North Yorkshire DAB log periodics

The BBC and Digital One, DAB aerials.

Left, UHF receive troughs pointing towards Pontop Pike.
Right, UHF receive trough pointing towards Emley Moor. BBC RBS

Low down on the mast are band II receive logs periodics. Left pair on Pontop Pike, right pair on Holme Moss.

Standby generator.

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