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I have now consolidated all the available data into one combined spreadsheet.

View or download sitedata.xls (Microsoft Excel format) Updated 16 April 2016

There were certain basic rules which were applied within the BBC when the abbreviations were created:

  1. Site abbreviations are derived from the town in which it is situated
  2. Local Radio stios are given the suffix /L, other studios are given the suffix /S
  3. MF transmitters are given the suffix Z if necessary to distinguish from other stations in that town
  4. Abbreviations will have a maximum length of three characters excluding any suffix

There also appeared to be one other convention which was that Post Office sites were given the prefix Y though whether these abbreviations derived from the Post Office or the BBC is not clear.

Errors and omissions: This spreadsheets were created by OCR from printed lists so there may be one or two OCR errors which I have not spotted and corrected. If you find any please let me know.

I spotted one or two anomalies as I went through the TLA sheet, the most glaring of which is that Cromer and Crystal Palace are both down as CR - some mistake, surely? As Cromer no longer exists this anomaly is now academic but more also Televison Centre is TC whereas Television Centre Spur is TC. (with a dot) - not a sufficiently clear difference in my view, but I have no doubt that someone will have the answers.

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