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The National Register
of R.F. Workers

in conjunction with

Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Individuals who regularly work in close proximity to transmitting antennas, on telecommunication, broadcasting masts and similar structures are being invited to join the National Register for RF Workers, a national database set up to monitor the potential long term health effects of exposure to radio-frequency radiation.

The Register was established by the HSE in 2002 following a recommendation made in the Stewart report for ‘a register of occupationally exposed workers’. The database is administered by the Institute of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Birmingham. Originally funded by the HSE, it is currently sponsored by T-Mobile, Arqiva, Babcock Networks, Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions, Link Microtek and VT Communications.

Participants are asked to complete a consent form and a brief questionnaire about their work; this data will then be used in a follow-up study looking at potential health effects of occupational RF radiation.

There has been speculation in the popular press that RF exposure might cause adverse health effects and this is the first study of its kind that aims to vigorously examine whether there are any effects of long-term occupational exposure. Dr Ian Litchfield from the University of Birmingham’s Institute of Occupational and Environmental Medicine is leading the study and commented: ‘The National Register is an important step toward a greater understanding of the interaction between radio waves and biological systems…the involvement of those working in this environment is essential to ensure meaningful analysis of any health effects’

Anyone interested in joining the National Register for RF Workers can find out more by contacting the register at or visiting their website.

The National Register of RF Workers web site

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