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Thanks for your interest in contributing to the site. I'll try to keep these notes as brief as possible...

Photo submission is now a simple three-stage process:

1. PREPARE your photos
your photos
3. ADD your photos to the submission queue

Ideally, with new digital photos, I prefer to receive the full-sized, original image files raw from your camera. This gives me the best starting point for optimising your photos for presentation on the web site, but please rename your image files before sending them because if I end up with loads of files called DSC00021 or IMG00007 it gets confusing and makes my brain hurt. Better still, put the image files into one or more ZIP or RAR file and give these files meaningful names.

Please also include a text file stating who you are, what site you've photographed, the date and any oher info you like.

There are three ways you can send in your photos:

  1. By email: Send your files by email to this address:

    Probably he easiest way of submitting your photos, and the way I prefer, but your ISP will limit the size of your outgoing emails so you should only attempt to attach 2 or 3 photos to each email.

  2. Upload from our dedicated upload web site THIS FACILITY IS CURRENTLY OFFLINE
    Create an account, prepare your files, upload ' em. Simples.
    Please note: when creating an account select the tx-gallery - free account package.

  3. By snailmail: Maybe you have prints or slides you would like to contribute, or you don't fancy forcing large photo image files down your Internet connection. This is no problem, just drop me a line to

    and I will let you have a postal address.

    If you send material you would like returned this is no problem, and if you send it in by secure Special Delivery I will return it to you in the same way.

However you send your photos it is now essential that you complete the process by adding your submission to the queue. To do this, please complete this form.

This will ensure that your submission can be tracked, processed and added to the site.

Digital cameras generally use the JPG format for images and this is ideal as it is very efficient in terms of file size.

If you combine your images, together with your text file, into one or more files using Zip, RAR or Stuffit. This single file may be more convenient and more robust but with typical JPG images do not expect any great reduction in file size or transfer time as JPG is already a compressed format.

Hint: scanners can save images in a number of formats including TIF which may or may not be compressed

If you wish to have your contributions published anonymously or under a pseudonym that is perfectly acceptable, however I do need to have a name and contact address from each contributor in the event of any queries or copyright issues arising. Anonymity will be preserved in all cases but photos will not be published unless I have valid contact details.
Please do not submit photos to the site unless you are the copyright holder, or you know who the copyright holder is and you have their permission. The site respects the right of the photographer to retain the copyright on their images and will not condone the use of images elsewhere without the photographer's permission.

As a general rule I will process each photo individually, optimising each one for best results on screen, and I find I get the best results by starting with the highest resolution possible. I am more than happy to do this but if you are confident with an image processing program like Photoshop or Paintshop Pro you may wish to optimise the photos yourself but please don't over-do the JPG compression.

Naturally I can't guarantee to publish every photo sent in.

If you have photos taken with a mobile phone or some other cruddy device which is the high-tech equivalent of a Box Brownie or an empty bean can with a pinhole in one end it is unlikely that they will show sufficient detail to be of interest. Sorry.

"The editor's decision is final!"

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