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By Steve Senior

On the 29th of July this year Yorkshire Television will have been on the air for forty years and as some people will remember, a few short months later went off the air again when the mast fell down. Not a very good start for a fledgling TV company. Take a look at the picture below:

It is not the current Emley Moor mast on the horizon that is the point of interest in this picture. Look towards the bottom left, you will spot the sails of a small dingy on the water and to its right on the other side of the trees, a small white building. Look a little closer...

This is the Huddersfield Sailing Club based on "Boshaw Whams" in the small hamlet of Hade Edge on the top of the Pennines to the south of Holmfirth. Look again at the building, its shape should give a clue as to it’s origins...

The small white tower is the remains of the original Emley Moor Mast that fell down in March 1969. The framed picture below is hung in the club house.  Forty years on part of the mast survives as the look out tower and race officers’ tower at the Huddersfield sailing club. A set of metal stairs take you up to an internal landing half way up the tower, a ladder leads up through the ceiling to the observation platform itself.

Thanks to the Sailing Club for giving me access to the building. Details of the club can be found here.

The way up the tower: Notice the heavy brass hinges on the steel door that was part of the original construction.

And the view from the top:

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