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Photos by Robert Whittaker, James Furness, Roger Piper, James Burton Stewart Page last updated: 2013-12-15

DSO Celebratory Light Show 18+19 April 2012

In celebration of the completion of the digital switchover project in the London area, Arqiva staged a spectacular light show at Crystal Palace, illuminating the tower itself and sending beams of light out across London. Despite a howling gale and heavy drizzle, Robert and James managed to get a few shots from the park directly to the south of the tower. Roger then made the trip the day after for the repeat performance, taking pictures from Upper Norwood Recreation Ground. Robert's photos start us off:

James Furness took these shots on the same night as Robert Whittaker. James says: The clouds/mist/fog, whatever you may want to call it actually made the whole thing more atmospheric. Perhaps the weather will be better for the repeat showing on the 19th!

Roger Piper journeyed to Upper Norwood Recreation Ground on the 19th to take pictures of the repeat performance, luckily with much better weather

The mast before the lightshow, seeen from Upper Norwood Recreation Ground, SE19.

And finally this very blue shot from James Burton Stewart!

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Arqiva switchover night press release
James' Youtube video taken on the night

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