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Photos by Robert Whittaker Page last updated: 2011-09-18

DSO 3 - 27th July 2010 - and the DRM antenna

Taken on 27-Jul-2010. I was not blessed with nearly as good conditions as last time, so some of the shots are rather dull.

There's someone up there - right at the top!

"An odd arrangement?"

Martin W writes: - having studied the mast outlines for Crystal Palace I'm fairly certain that this "arrangement" is at 65 m agl, as identified by the fact it's mounted on one of the platforms.

In which case the explanation is that this is the DRM test aerial mentioned in the Ofcom radio parameters and attributed to VT Merlin. It operates on 25.7 MHz.

A forest of logs I've never noticed before. These are on the north leg pretty low down, pointing approx north.

More logs, these on the west leg facing south in the general direction of Croydon

Taken as I walked back to the car, thinking I'd finished but looked back for a final gaze upwards and saw the cradle in mid descent! Took about 3-4 mins to reach the ground I'd say.

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