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Photos by Martin Brown Page last updated: 2017-06-06

Local TV added - June 2017

Since Peter Bigwood visited Darvel, the UHF cylinder was replaced for DSO and aerials for local TV have been added.

Transmissions of the Ayr local TV multiplex commenced on 24th April 2017.

Darvel in the sunshine.

The transmitting aerials. Not visible from this direction is the Glasgow and Central Scotland DAB aerials.

Here they are just below the top platform. Ayr (top pair) and Glasgow and Central Scotland (lower four) band III DAB phased dipoles.

Four tiers of crossed shrouded UHF log periodics for Ayr local TV.

Darvel local TV radiation pattern. Taken from Ofcom document.

The new main UHF transmit aerial (S1).

The interleaved BBC band II FM radio and band III DAB aerials, with the S2 UHF reserve aerial below. From this direction we are looking at the north (12 deg) and east (102 deg), sides of this square mast. Note that there are no panels on the east face and only tiers 3 & 4 have panels on the north face.

From this direction we are looking at the west facing side of the mast which is fully populated with six tiers of Alan Dick & Co circularly polarised band II panels, with band III dipoles interleaved for DAB radio.

S2 at the top, ILR and Classic FM on the left, and the S3 at the bottom. The S3 was originally the Channel 5 transmit aerial, now used to transmit Com 7 & 8.

The two slant polarised, 4 element, band II Yagis transmitting ILR (Ayr) and Classic FM. These point at 240 degrees towards Ayr.

This band II Yagi attached to the top platform points in the same direction. I assume as reserve aerial for ILR & Classic FM.

Digital One. Note that there are no dipoles of the east face. I estimate that those Band III dipoles face about 200 degrees.

I estimate that the dipoles on the right face about 330 degrees.

Receive aerials pointing towards Black Hill.

GPS receive cone aerials.

The economy sign for this main transmitting station.

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Black Hill

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