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Photos by Justin Smith (ATV Aerials) Page last updated: 2015-11-16

June 2014

Justin wrote: "I visited West Kilbride on the 12 Jun 14 and got some good pictures of the transmitter in its surroundings, as is my usual custom. Unfortunately I forgot to take any close ups, which I do usually but rarely use."

Editor's note: still a useful "techncial" update and the view from the site is spectacular. Justin further comments, for the benefit of whoever is next passing: "... do not try to get to the TX what seems the obvious way (where the road runs closest to it). It's steep and there's no path. Drive past it for a few hundred yards and eventually you`ll come to a track off to the left which leads straight to the TX"

Looking from the east...a transmitter with a spectacular view in the background...

...a veritable panorama of the Isle of Arran and the Firth of Clyde. Well worth a walk to see this I`d say

Looking at the site itself in more detail, this time from the west. The panels and trough from the original installation are still in place three years on from DSO

From this angle the new UHF transmit antenna is in-line with the support for the marine direction-finding array behind

The centre of the Band II dipole is visible below the top of the main structure - as highlighted in red

Just above the trough we can just see the back of the two log periodics added to receive Black Hill (highlighted in green)

Near the bottom, the yagi on the left (half an element missing) faces Rothesay to receive Radio Scotland and the one on the right faces Black Hill to receive all other services

From a slightly different perspective: the new UHF antenna seems to consist of a slim colinear - but we understand the coverage has been modified so as not to be omnidirectional

The Band II transmit antenna is highlighted again. We can just see the back of the DAB yagis, highlighted in blue, which face "inland". Someone needs to attend to that feeder just above!

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